Cobretti Engineering Still the lies flow

Thought I’d take a longer look at his current brochure and website. God he’s still at it even after 20 odd years of constant lying. He is still claiming on this website that cars I manufactured and built and that were featured in kit car magazine articles where they were claimed to be cars manufactured and made by him. Still showing the red car with model (woman) which I MADE FOR A JAP CUSTOMER. Then the silver car that was made from my kit bought for this purpose by Busbridge.
You would think that he’d made enough copies of my car over the past 20 plus years and got write ups done on them, to be able to peddle his own copies as examples of the copy. Apparently not.Maybe no one will do write-ups for him these days????
Then I see he is quoting an address of a nice house in the countryside south of London. No doubt he’s bought this bolt hole from all the money he’s made out of copying my cars and doing his very own brother out of his inheritance by lying to their Mother and getting her to cut Martin out of her considerable will. WHAT A LOVELY MAN IS OUR ROBERT THE SHIT BUSBRIDGE!!
Hope you do better out of him than others have who have been unfortunate enough to have come across him.


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