Cobretti Engineering and Ian Ayre

Told the other day that this parasite Ian Ayre who I have written about before is back on the UK scene after I thought he’d gone for good to the States.
Back in the early 90’s when he was writing for various kitcar magazines, mainly I think for Which Kit but could have been for Tanners ‘Kitcar’ he accepted a free copy of my Viper off the crook Busbridge. Of course you never get ‘Owt for Nowt’ and he got it quite plainly so he would write endless articles about how good my car was.Yet he never once had the guts or honesty to admit that what he built was a car that was designed by me and copied by rat Busbridge.
Now he’s at it again and has written an article apparently extolling the Busbridge empire as being an incredibly fantastic outfit. What shits me off is that it looks like Complete Kitcar has featured it in their magazine. If this is the case then it shows that they too are as bad as Tanner was for unmitigated lies, because they know the true story as I told them it way back and even gave them a copy of my book ‘Justice Denied’ which chronicles the whole story in detail.
When I get a copy of this I will report further but in the meantime carry on being wary of doing any business with Cobretti as Busbridge is a liar and a thief and I will highlight all the lies that are told about him and his Cobretti business, founded on intellectual property of mine he stole.


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