Cobretti Engineering the lies just roll on.

I see the ‘Worlds Biggest Liar’ (Said in a Top Gear voice) is back on the advertising gambit in Kitcar Mag now run by some other hack who is by all accounts just as bad as Tanner was for lying and supporting Liar Busbridge.
For not only did the new owner & Publisher of this ‘ragmag’ allow an article to be published on this twerp of a bloke and his ‘tiny’ outfit but allowed the other liar mate of Busbridge to write a diatribe of lies about that insignificant outfit. Calling Cobretti a ‘Classic’ company etc.

Quite why any thinking bloke would want to buy a Cobra off Busbridge and his poxy outfit when there are many well known companies out there who have been around with their very own Cobra Replicas and not some copy, is beyond me.

Anyway I sent him a letter showing him all the lies Ayre had said in his brown nose job of an article and asked him why he allows this and about a company that today in the Cobra World has no significance whatsoever. Of course the coward and arsehole sucker never replied, preferring to carry on consorting and comforting criminals who steal other peoples property.



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