Cobretti ViperV8

It has been a full two years since I last posted about this liar and arch crook, Busbridge. I see on his website, which I thought I’d have another look to see if he was still up to all his lying. Well of course you can never stop a pathological liar, especially one who through his lies is able to make a living off those lies.

Looking at his brochure I can see brazen photos of the Jaguar based chassis that I designed together with my son and with the help of an engineeer I paid to help. A chassis that I over the next 6 years made improvements to as I built many full cars and could see these improvements were needed.

It can be clearly seen on his photos that it is a copy of my chassis and apart from a few minor alterations like sloping the fronts of the footwells, all the rest it entirely the same. So not only is the design copied but of course so is the trade name he applies to it. That of ‘Viper’, for this is the name I called my Cobra replica starting in January 1986, long before I even had the mistfortune to meet this crook and take him and his brother on as my London agents. And that was the start of him conniving and scheming to steal my business.As soon as he knew that Chrysler were applying to register Viper, he approached them and asked £500,000 for the trade mark name ‘Viper’saying he owned it. ( I sucessfully took on Chrysler and won registration, which then was taken off me due to Busbridges lies which the IPO believed and I not being able to fun a High Court appeal action, could do nothing.

I can see he is still trying to hide his theft which happened in 1991 when I running my business under the name of Classic Replicas after having had the previous business Brightwheel closed down due to partnership problems. He does this by trying to have you belive that he was able to start selling his copy as if by magic accompnied of course by lies. He would have you believe that his Cobra copy originates from only a company called Sheldonhurst, whose Cobra Replica was carried on by Brightwheel. Whilst it is true that Brightwheel did carry on making the Sheldonhurst Cobra (with their OK) that at the end of 1985 when Sheldonhurst shut their business down.  What he does hide is that the Sheldonhurst Cobra was only Granada based and my Jaguar based Cobra was an entirely new designed chassis which obviously due to the complete difference in the front and rear suspension between the two cars, meant that the Jaguar chassis had to be obviously a lot different.

By doing this sleight of hand he makes it appear that somehow he was legally allowed to copy the replica that Brightwheel was making and selling to Sept 1989. Completely missing out that from then to April 1991 he was carrying on acting as my London agent for my new company ‘Classic Replicas’. I then went to switzerland to make a racing Cobra for my Swiss agent and whilst my back was turned he did the dastardly act of stealing my designs, trade mark Viper and business.

Of course being the arch, pathological liar he was during the many tribunal hearings from 1992 to 2010 when he massively lied all the way and those civil service idiots believed every word of his.  He even lied that he was able to legally copy and use my trade mark because when Brightwheel closed THEY owed him money, so this was how he got that money. Now think about that, will you. He was my agent so how did I OWE HIM MONEY?? For an agent would always owe the company, money for sales they made of that companies products. For I never gave him those kits to sell, for free…he had to pay for them! Yet the IPO believed all that.

I have said in previous posts that this Jaguar XJ6 based kit is now 15 years out of date as those cars are collectors items, fetching good money and hardly a cheap donor car to now use. Because he has no ability as a designer and can only copy other people, he is unable to design a modern alternative kit using more modern donor parts. The same goes for his Sierra based kit if he is still flogging that too. For to pay and engineering company to come up with TWO new designs would cost a bomb, so he sticks to these old out of date designs when everyone else in the industry has moved on years ago.

What I am going to do is in my next post which will be soon, I will include photos of my chassis and alongside a photo of his. The photos of my chassis were all taken just after Brightwheel closed and one taken in 1991 in Germany (the year he stole the design and long after Brightwheel closed.) Also I will include a copy of the sworn statement his brother made to the 2010 tribunal hearing when he confirmed that Robert his brother copied and stole my trade mark and my designs. You can then decide who is telling the truth.

And if I am lying, why doesn’t Busbridge take me to court for this and calling him a crook and a criminal, which if he wasn’t, it would be slander etc.? Which of course he never has.

Look out for the next post and damning evidence.

I am sure that Liar Busbridge is hoping that by now I would have snuffed it. Sorry to disappoint, you Liar & Crookboy, for I am still going strong and very healthy unlike you, you sorry-looking weed of a specimen.









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