Cobretti Engineering and More lies.

God this guy Busbridge as I’ve said ad infinitum is “The Worlds Biggest Liar” and just now Ive seen yet another of his monumental lies.

This time on the net; a story put out by him concerning an article done by that other monumental liar mate of his….one Ian Hyne who poses as a journo. He apparently has done at some time recently (maybe) a write-up about a Cobretti customer and his car.

(Does this customer know that the car he’s driving is a car designed by myself and copied by Busbridge?? Ian Hynne certainly does…..but then as I’ve said he’s a liar too and would not admit who any brownie points should go to.

Now the point I want to make here is the outrageous lie he makes that over 200 cars have been made by this liar…Busbridge!! Now Busbridge started his copying of my Viper Cobra car in 1992. That is 25 years ago and if he made dead on 200 cars that equates to 8 cars a years EVERY year. Given that he has only ever since then worked out of a small garage at his house (now near Gatwick) it is a physical impossbility to make without fail 8 cars every year. So this is yet another gross lie put about by this asshole liar Busbridge and always abetted by Hynne.

Only in this useless country like ours can anyone get away with all this, as I have found out and people who have no conscience will aid all this, by buying from crooks.


Cobretti Engineering & Ian Ayre (again)

In my last blog I said that the article on Cobretti by this fellow liar mate of Busbridge may have been published by Complete kitcar. I have now found it was Kitcar Magazine that has been responsible and that figures. However I am astonished that it is still going as I thought that when Tanner was slung inside, it would fold.
What a bummer to hear it is still going but reportedly with very few sales. Hope it folds as it is only a reminder of that disgusting object Tanner.
Once I get hold of a copy I will report on all the lies he comes out with in it.

Cobretti Engineering, Tanner gets just deserts.

Yesterday was a happy day for me for I heard that the arch shit & crook Tanner had been sent to prison for 3&1/2 years. To think that this shit helped Busbridge of Cobretti for all those years by lying on his behalf over his stealing all my I/P when he copied my Viper Cobra. Accused me of running off with peoples money in 1989 and disappearing abroad. Which was a total lie as I was here in the UK making the Viper and selling it through my agents of then….Cobretti. Only to have them steal the lot off me.
So now he rots in a jail, I hope, but then what are jails like these days?….holiday camps they say. I hope some massive big, butch bloke, rapes him or beats him up or both. For he deserves it and the only thing that really surprises me is that someone never paid for him to be beaten up years ago, as he upset so many people in the kit car world over the year he infested it.