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At last I can reveal that I now have a Barrister opinion on the bogus so called appeal hearing that arch liar Busbridge conned the IPO into letting him have. For he had no bona-fide legal reasons to even get an appeal against the Hearing Officer, Landau & his decision-to even have an appeal. Landau said Busbridge had no right to my Trade Mark ‘Viper’. The IPo went along and that makes me wonder if Busbridge had a relative or friend working there. For Hobbs QC who officiated, held a thoroughly corrupt affair where he illegally gave Busbridge a bucket load of advice. Told him that if he followed that advice the iPO would help him out of his hole. That’s what he did and that eventuated in the IPO illegally taking my legally registered trade mark off me and giving it to this crook as out lined in the blog.

This barristers opinion and he is very experience in IP & criminal matters tells it all and can be seen in full on my other blog:- ‘I am raging mad’ and along with all the full details of the sordid history of Busbridges criminality together with the corruption of the IPO who helped him all the way.

The story is not over yet even now I am in old age but hopefully I will outlast the sickly and scrawny bastard-Busbridge and go on to get some justice.

Do have a read on the other blog which has all the full details of this 25 year fight, as it will show you what a corrupt country we do live in where our Justice system sucks up to criminals and of course Immigrants. They all get loads of legal aid while people like me on the recieving end of all of their action- get nothing, so cannot get Justice.




Cobretti Engineering & Ian Ayre (again)

In my last blog I said that the article on Cobretti by this fellow liar mate of Busbridge may have been published by Complete kitcar. I have now found it was Kitcar Magazine that has been responsible and that figures. However I am astonished that it is still going as I thought that when Tanner was slung inside, it would fold.
What a bummer to hear it is still going but reportedly with very few sales. Hope it folds as it is only a reminder of that disgusting object Tanner.
Once I get hold of a copy I will report on all the lies he comes out with in it.

Cobretti Engineering and Ian Ayre

Told the other day that this parasite Ian Ayre who I have written about before is back on the UK scene after I thought he’d gone for good to the States.
Back in the early 90’s when he was writing for various kitcar magazines, mainly I think for Which Kit but could have been for Tanners ‘Kitcar’ he accepted a free copy of my Viper off the crook Busbridge. Of course you never get ‘Owt for Nowt’ and he got it quite plainly so he would write endless articles about how good my car was.Yet he never once had the guts or honesty to admit that what he built was a car that was designed by me and copied by rat Busbridge.
Now he’s at it again and has written an article apparently extolling the Busbridge empire as being an incredibly fantastic outfit. What shits me off is that it looks like Complete Kitcar has featured it in their magazine. If this is the case then it shows that they too are as bad as Tanner was for unmitigated lies, because they know the true story as I told them it way back and even gave them a copy of my book ‘Justice Denied’ which chronicles the whole story in detail.
When I get a copy of this I will report further but in the meantime carry on being wary of doing any business with Cobretti as Busbridge is a liar and a thief and I will highlight all the lies that are told about him and his Cobretti business, founded on intellectual property of mine he stole.

Cobretti Engineering Still the lies flow

Thought I’d take a longer look at his current brochure and website. God he’s still at it even after 20 odd years of constant lying. He is still claiming on this website that cars I manufactured and built and that were featured in kit car magazine articles where they were claimed to be cars manufactured and made by him. Still showing the red car with model (woman) which I MADE FOR A JAP CUSTOMER. Then the silver car that was made from my kit bought for this purpose by Busbridge.
You would think that he’d made enough copies of my car over the past 20 plus years and got write ups done on them, to be able to peddle his own copies as examples of the copy. Apparently not.Maybe no one will do write-ups for him these days????
Then I see he is quoting an address of a nice house in the countryside south of London. No doubt he’s bought this bolt hole from all the money he’s made out of copying my cars and doing his very own brother out of his inheritance by lying to their Mother and getting her to cut Martin out of her considerable will. WHAT A LOVELY MAN IS OUR ROBERT THE SHIT BUSBRIDGE!!
Hope you do better out of him than others have who have been unfortunate enough to have come across him.

Cobretti Engineering and the lies continue.

Thought I would look at what the biggest liar in the UK is lying about today. So looked at his online brochure. The lies start right at the beginning of his lying blurb. He states the Cobretti Viper has been available for 20 years now. So that takes you back to 1993. Then he states that the Viper has been on the market for 23 years firstly through Brightwheel to 1989, then who sold it? That makes a gap of 4 years when according to him it must not have been for sale.
What of course he fails to tell you is that I designed the Jaguar based Viper and put it onto the market in Jan 1986. So by my non lying arithmetic that makes a total of 27 years ago the Viper first appeared, not 23. Also what he doesn’t want you to know is that when my business Brightwheel Replicas Ltd closed due to my wanting to get rid of my then American partners, I started up Classic Replicas in September 1989 and traded as such until the end of 2001. So my Viper was on the market from 1986 to 2001. AND THAT FROM SEPT 1989 TO END OF 1991 I SUPPLIED HIM AS MY AGENT WITH MY VIPER KITS.!!!!!
Also the cheeky lying crook of a bastard, stole my trade mark Viper and so I then had to battle him through the IPO to stop him. To cap all that he says he owns the Trade Mark and implies he was able to do this because he had 16 years of ‘irritating legal battles’ >>>>>> obviously with Chrysler.
Also what he fails to tell you is that in all the 8 Intellectual Property Office Tribunal Hearings held between 2002 and 2010 between me and him, he lied through his back teeth to those tribunals and presented forged documents(5)and the IPO believed him and not me, despite historical evidence that I legally owned the T/M from 1985 under Common Law and that they had given me the registration anyway. You need to wonder why this ever happened. Well read my blog; and you will see all the details of their unbelieveable behaviour and all the lies of liar Busbridge.(over 200 of them) And you can view all the documents of that battle on links to them. IT IS ALL A PRIME EXAMPLE OF HOW BRITISH JUSTICE DOES NOT WORK!!!!Had I been rich I could have easily won but I was forced to defend myself and that was my undoing.
Of course on his brochure blurb he praises the design and integrity of what is my design, as if he was responsible for all that, when the truth is that he couldn’t design a kids rabbit hutch, the useless twerp. (For your info I designed the Viper in Cortina/Sierra form and designed a Lamborghini Replica which was classed as the best in the UK. I also designed a Moke Replica. The Sheldonhurst Cobra was only a Granada based kit and I improved that design when I carried on manufacturing it (I do not claim I designed it) after Sheldonhurst went out of business AND I did that with their OK) and a kit to convert Mini saloon into a Mini Countryman. Both sold abroad to Japan.)
If you do not believe that he is not a designer in his own right, then ask yourself this question. Even by 1993 the Jaguar Ser 1,2 & 3 running gear as a donor vehicle was rapidly becoming too difficult to get and too expensive and today’s Series Jags are fetching too high an amount to make them a viable donor vehicle anymore. Things have moved on and if our wonder boy could design anything, why hasn’t he moved on to being able to supply his copy of MY VIPER in more modern versions with say Jag X300 running gear or BMW or Mercedes or likewise, more modern vehiclesas donor cars????????…. THE FACT IS HE IS TECHNICALLY INCAPABLE OF DOING SO AND HE WOULD HAVE TO PAY ENGINEERS TO DO THAT AND THAT WOULD COST HIM A BOMB.

Read the rest of this blog and you will get the low down on his cheating in more detail or read my definitive blog listed above. Read my book ‘JUSTICE DENIED’ which is on that blog and you can trawl through all the seedy facts and evidence. (If you have the interest and stomach.)

Cobretti Engineering & the crook Tanner

Well I have long believed that crooks will get their comeuppance eventually. This, I now have been told, has happened to that utter bastard and twin of Busbridge… ‘Den the Menace’ Tanner.
For apparently as I am told, he was arrested some months ago for a massive case of growing weed in no less than in his factory. Exactly the kind of thing he would do, for he had absolutely no scruples. That is why he and Busbridge got on so well together. The even looked liked twins!! Ugly looking little bastards. Wouldn’t be surprised if Busbridge was in on the Tanner weed act as pursuing criminal acts is his forte. Apparently according to his brother he was into making cars ‘disappear’ for people willing to pay, so they could claim in their insurance for a ‘stolen car’ !!!!!!!!!
I was wondering why I was unable to see Kitcar for sale anywhere and for months now. He has hived off his rag of a mag to staff of his who are no better than he is, for to work for such an obvious shit as he, makes them no better. Just like that weak asshole Ian Hyne who sucked up to him knowing full well what he got up to just so he could have a job. The ragmag seems like it was losing heaps and we will not see it again I HOPE!!
Similarly with his shitheap Sumo which should too be consigned to the dustbin, for it was a dangerous heap of badly designed crap as I always said.
Now to Busbridge. I am going to celebrate all this for a few months, because now you have no outlet in any mag to be able to advertise your rip off of my Viper. Whilst you may own the T/M of that trade mark through your crooked crimes of lying to the IPO to get it, It’s worth diddly shit if you cannot sell the kit!!!!
Your name is crap to all those who have the brains to see through your crooked ways and to those who have read this blog of mine and its associated blog “” which I hope has educated the Public, who have the intelligence to see what I have been saying is all true. They only have to research their history of Cobra Replicas to see all that I have said is 100% TRUE. Not a word that you recognise, Busbridge….is it???

Cobretti Engineering and Trolls

It never ceases to amaze me that in this country so many people in the youngster section of our population are so hateful and this shows in the huge amount of cyber bullying and hateful shit they write on comments sections that can be found anywhere online. Like on blogs such as this. I have already shown how many individuals in the Cobra Club fall under this category.
I attempted some years ago to help any individual who may have bought a genuine Viper kit or car (not a Cobretti copy) mostly to be able to identify whether it was one of my Vipers, a copy by Cobretti or others or just a cobra someone said was a Viper but was not. As soon as I appeared on their forums I was subjected to a torrent of abuse in this troll like mode. When I retaliated I was kicked out of the club. So much for freedom of speech and being able to defend ones self from trolls and people so full of hate. Not one of those indulging in this hate knew me personally or about my history with the car industry or about the history of my Viper. Yet all were experts on it all.
In the past week one of their illustrious members has attempted to slag me off on this blog through the comments section, with the usual diatribe of invective lies and hate filled comments. Including ‘what have you ever done for the club’ The answer to that is of course, I wasn’t allowed to!! He slagged off the Viper as a heap of shit that was unbuildable,which in turn slags off all hundreds of happy owners of my
Vipers, who bought kits and just got on and built them with no problems at all. It also slags off all the Cobra lovers who loved the wider stance of my kit and bought the kit because of that. It also shows an ignorance of real Cobra history because the only difference in the looks of the Viper and say other replicas in the UK are the wider wheel arches and if you study the history of all the racing Cobras, they ALL HAD THE SAME WIDER WHEEL ARCHES just as the Viper had. If you have ever been involved in racing ANY standard manufactured cars you will know the first thing you have to do is widen the arches, so as to get a wider track in order to give better road holding. Look at ALL the Cobra Replicas in countries like the USA, Australia, Germany and Austria they mostly go for the same wider arches that the Viper has. So his remarks are made out of ignorance, once more. He ignores the fact that the Viper has to be the most copied Cobra Replica kit going with FOUR people copying it in the UK and copies in the USA, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If it is such a shit kit why do all these other businesses copy it??
Then he goes on to slag the kit off as unbuildable and that many are still battling to build them. Well this is just more lies as it is now 11 years since I sold the last one and surely all the kits I sold from 1985 to 2002 are fully built years ago? So I have to think that he is referring to the Viper copies made and sold by Cobretti or others!! I cannot be held responsible for for the quality of what he peddles. To build the rolling chassis is no more difficult than any other Cobra Replica sold in the UK. Fitting the body is more difficult in that it requires a bit more intelligence and mechanical/general expertise, but the resulting integrity of the finished car is so much stronger because of the extra strengthening that results in the fitment, in the way it has to be done. It also belies the fact that in 18 years of manufacturing that kit, I only ever received complaints from ONE person, namely a Cobra Club numpty who bought what was probably my last kit sold in 2001 and who I have outlined about in the below post and in others below. Plus it never ever got any bad reviews by ALL kit car magazine writers, INCLUDING LIAR HYNNE (who became a Busbridge LOVER probably on the orders of Tanner or by being bought off).
I then get a slagging for not being a successful businessman. Yet up to the point that Busbridge/Cobretti stole my designs etc and half my business turn over to boot, my business was selling more Cobras than anyone else!! He is ignorant of all the other areas of my business that was not involved in kitcars, such as the Mini Moke Replica I designed and sold overseas as a knockdown or fully built car. Or my work with a Mini Countryman replica car I manufactured and sold to Japan. Or the Mini body kits and convertible car conversions I did, very successfully. It is always the same with these Trolls. They are just ignorant oafs who have few brains, so take out their frustrations and insecurities with invective against others they hate for whatever reasons. That can be seen all the time these days and only this week we saw it against the couple who’s baby had a finger ripped off by a fox who were attacked in similar sickening ways by these sick troll people. Similarly the McCanns had to suffer from much invective from online Trolls. This Troll on this blog signed himself as ‘Eric’. Is he the same Eric who I complained about as being a self appointed ‘EXPERT’ on my business history AND the history of the Viper??
Anyhow all such oafs, fuckwits and defectives will immediately have their comments wiped off the blog, as this blog is to warn people who they may be considering buying a Viper copy off copier Busbridge and not to give a platform for sick people. Warning about the SUPREME LIAR BUSBRIDGE AND HIS LOVER IAN HYNNE IN HIS OTHER LOVERS MAGAZINE (DEN TANNER AND’KITCAR’)

Cobretti Engineering & more lies

Whilst searching the web to see where this blog comes, I saw that the Cobra Club are at it again with a website that features a post on the Viper history. These wankers of the Cobra Club do not like me as I have told a few of them what I think of them and their backing for Busbridge & Cobretti Engineering. They obviously have absolutely no standards as they see no wrong that he stole off me, what he sells now.
Also many (not all) of their members are no more than raving internet trolls. Many have slagged me and the Viper off when they never even bought anything off me but bought second hand part built Vipers. One individual a huge 6’+ odd slab of a Neantherdal who ordered a Viper V12 off me and was one of my last customers, was obviously lacking in mechanical skills as he found issues with most things. He obviously tried to fit the engine in with its Jag manifolds because he was too thick to realise they like many V8 & V12 engines the standard manufacturers manifolds are simply to bulky to fit into a small Cobra engine bay. He slagged me off endlessly because of this and the fact that he just would not listen to anything I said to him when he got back to me over all this. I rather quickly tired of his bombastic attitude and told him to go forth and multiply. Others picked up on his vitriol on his Cobra Club posts and all joined in to slag me off and when I retaliated I was banned. Wankers!!
Anyhow I digress, but one of those those trolls was a guy from High Wycombe who also joined in all this pathetic nonsense, by the name of Eric (can’t remember his second name but his posts are their somewhere. Now this chappy who was as old as me and was quite a physical wreck (I go back to the mid 90’s here) and is probably dead by now. He showed me that he thought he was the officially appointed historian of the Viper and of me and my business history AND an expert on the construction and technical specifications of the Vipe!! So on this looking at where this blog appears and seeing the Cobra Club right there, I went onto their site and low and behold I find a post by one ‘Rick’ ‘The Technical Director’ of the Cobra Club. Well firstly I wonder what qualifications he has to be that or is he just another self appointed nerd??
Now this post is a reproduction of an article by non other than this twerp ‘Eric’. I know it’s the same fellow because of what he says . Of course like so many other ‘experts’ on the Viper that abound in the kitcar world, he knows nowt and this article is full of shite he’s either made up or read in various liar articles on Cobretti by non other than the arch liar Hynne; ‘lover of Busbridge and Cobretti.
So here are the corrections to his lies in case you go and see this article and read it-
I had three companies Brightwheel Ltd 1985 to Jan 1987. Then Brightwheel Replicas Ltd, Jan 1987 to Sept 1989, then Classic Replicas Sept 1989 to March 2002. He states that the Viper was born out of the Sheldonhurst company. Not true as we were entirely different companies and although I was their agent for three months, when they went bankrupt I designed my own chassis and body. I did not buy their moulds and jigs.
Then he says that in 1989 that I was now manager of BRL. I was Managing Director and a share holder, but not the owner of the company as that was owned by the American investors and they had legal powers I did not have, to do what they wanted with the company.
Now to the big lie always bandied about by liar Busbridge and that was that on the Yanks closing down BRL, I disappeared in 1990 and took all the assets of BRL to Switzerland. FACT; ON BRL closing I started Classic Replicas here in the UK and SOME of the assets were sold to a Swiss company and I bought the balance, enough for me to carry on with Classic Replicas, so no need to make new jigs and moulds as he said.
There was NEVER any High Court action in the courts over copyrights either between me and Cobretti or Chrysler.
Then yet another huge lie about how Cobretti/Busbridge explained how he legally managed to get the Viper designs and trade mark. This goes by stating he was owed monies by BRL or me, and that gave him the rights to all that, but he actually stole them as BRL NEVER owed him a cent and why would it. It was a case of him paying us for kits and not the other way round….OBVIOUSLY!! This is what he has said time and again and it is a huge lie as any one with more than half a brain could easily see!!And he has never shown any legal evidence that this ever happened.
Now it is said that Busbridge had legal battles with Chrysler. As in my last post I have commented on this and NOW YOU CAN SEE THE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE OF THOSE LIES AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.Look under the ‘LINKS’ at the right hand side of this page.
Mark Phillips was yet another stealer of other peoples IP property and during BRL he bought a Granada Viper kit off us and copied it. DMS owned by yet another crook, copied the Viper4 at the same time as BRL was closed. He sold DMS to Barrass and in 1992 I helped Barrass to run his business and let him under licence, build my Viper V8 Jag kits for sale. I also let him use my company name of Classic Replicas (and this was not 1994 as stated but early 1993). In 1995 I bought him out and continued on my own. I am still friends with Barrass and he has far from ‘disappeared’ In fact I talked to him only today.
Slagging off my Sierra model is another example of Eric’s lies as he never ever saw this kit let alone built one and not all that many were sold and I never ever received any complaints about it or any other Viper model EVER!!(until Mr Neantherdal) It was almost the same chassis as the very successful Viper4 but with steel floor. So saying everything was a bad fit is just more lies by someone as you will see was another Busbridge like liar and fantasist looking for praise from others. Funnily enough I built one in a few weeks and it was my demonstrator until I sold it and it received good reviews at the time.
Now our Ken Cook/Viper/Brightwheel/Classic Replicas expert goes on to state that I retired ‘around 1989/1990 which first of all is complete news to me as it was in 2002 I retired through a heart attack brought on by all the hassle I got because of Busbridge and his actions and lies.(I bet the really loved that when he heard)
It doesn’t fit in, in anycase with what he says about my actions elsewhere in his fanciful tales. He then has me moving to Spain which never ever happened, I have only been there on holidays and not in 1990, but in 2002/3 and then in 2005.
When I sold my company to Cadini it was sold with all the jigs and TWO sets of body moulds and some existing orders, plus all details of all my past customers so they could supply ongoing parts orders. Cadini were another set of people that had no REAL business or mechanical expertise, hence why they never even got it going and off the ground, despite my offer to help them in every way. That is why it died and has remained dead as Adrian Percival was yet another dreamer who quickly sold the business to its present owner who, whilst he has built some kits and cars has not enough money or time to run a full blown Cobra manufacturing business. I remain in contact with him and would help him in any way should he want it. He lives quite near to my engineer cousin who I visit regularly because of our mutual interest in all to do with cars and their design and all to do with classic cars which I am still involved in. So I see him from time to time or email him(the current owner)
Once again I advise you to read my full blog on all the intimate details of the Viper history from day 1 AND my legal battles with the liar Busbridge on
He came to me some time in the mid 1990’s when I was helping Barras. He had bought a second hand Viper V8 and he did not like the standard to which it had been built. As he lived not far from my daughter in law in High Wycombe and I used to visit him and I gave him much technical help to rebuild it to his way and standards. I also saw him at various shows and I was friendly with him and told him quite a lot about the past history I had with the Viper and my problems with Cobretti. I thought he was a kind of friend.(shows you how you simply cannot trust anyone these days!!) I also sold him a number of parts. Then I lost track of him until some years later he comes onto the gossip columns of the Cobra Club, slagging me off and the quality of the Viper kit etc etc. WHAT A COMPLETE ASSHOLE!! He says he has experience of building a Viper kit. HE IS A LIAR JUST LIKE BUSBRIDGE. He has never built a complete Viper car, only pissed around with bits he changed on that car he bought.
All the remarks about the Viper kit being “The most controversial Cobra” and “most difficult to build” what utter crap. Why is it controversial??
Only because of the things Busbridge has done and said and the backing of that utter shithole who owns Kitcar rag. It is no more difficult to build than any other Cobra kit and I have built most of the other makes at some time or other. The rolling chassis is a doddle and it is only the fitting of the body that requires some expertise and common sense as the way I designed i, meant that it would end up being fitted in such a way that would take longer but would be actually part of the chassis being bonded to it in places, so much stronger than any other Cobra as it is bonded onto the chassis in many places. Now the fact is that I have had that kit made, NO PROBLEM, by hundreds of people from all walks of life. Not mechanics or engineer but dustmen, car mechanics, office workers and so on.Engineers have told me they thought it brilliant and had no problems whatsoever. I very rarely ever got rung by my customers for help and my build up manual was said by a kit car magazine (not Kitcar of course) to be the best going at that time (mid 90’s).
The truth is that many in the Cobra Club and so on, are as I’ve said…Wankers who have to join a club of sorts so they can gossip like washer women and get told by others how they should do things…because they have no expertise or CONFIDENCE to be able to work out anything themselves!! THEN THEY ARE ONLY TOO HAPPY TO JOIN IN WITH THE EXTREME WANKERS AND TROLLS AND INDULGING IN THE WAY TROLLS LIKE TO RUBBISH EVERYONE ETC ETC.


Cobretti Engineering Hyne the Liar

Ian Hyne that arch lying writer for the rag mag Kitcar, is still peddling his never ending lies about his bosom pal Busbridge. He sucks up to this crook with outrageous lies on a monumental scale that one wonders just how close they are? Maybe BUSBRIDGE GIVES HIM FREE BLOWJOBS FOR ALL THE LIES TOLD ON HIS BEHALF???
In the current year book of all the kitcars on the UK market by Kitcar, there is the usual three page plus job written by liar Hyne praising the Viper that Hyne knows full well was never designed by Busbridge AND THAT THE TRADE MARK VIPER WAS STOLEN BY THE HUMONGOUS LIAR BUSBRIDGE IN 2010. Hyne knows me from back in 1985 when I first met him. He test drove my first Viper Jag based demo car in 1986 when I was operating my then company Brightwheel Ltd and this was before Busbridge ever came onto the kitcar scene, then as my London agent. (NOTE THAT THIS WAS NOT BRIGHTWHEEL REPLICAS LTD which came into being in early 1987) SO HE KNOWS FULL WELL the history of the Viper and who brought it onto the market and who owned any rights to it and the Trade Mark.
So what does he do? He goes on in that article to state once more, ad nauseum, how Busbridge claims he was able to pinch my designs and trade mark which he knows is ALL LIES.(ask yourself why in every article he does on Busbridge, they always have to peddle these lies about he was legally able to steal my rights from me and this shows they are just trying to justify their illegal activities which they know some, who know kitcar history will wonder about) He also states that Busbridge was able to stop Chrysler (HE STATES GM AND THIS SHOWS HE IS A BAD LIAR AND KNOWS LITTLE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL CAR MAKERS, AS IT WAS NEVER GM AT ALL)from registering Viper as a trade mark in the UK, with legal action. He has done this before as you will know, if you have read all of this blog.
To show the truth here are the decision documents of the Intellectual Property Office Court in 1988 giving me registration and also the actual registration document which was eventually given me by the IPO in 2002 after I eventually saw off Chrsyler and I will also post the actual letter from Chrysler stating they were giving up their claim. That will blow all of Busbridge/Hyne lies, out of the water for good.
Now of course after that Busbridge successfully lied and perjured his way through no less than 8 IPO hearings and a County Court action when he tried to have me imprisoned (unsuccessful) and eventually somehow the IPO believed all his lies and took my registration off me. Had I been rich I would have sued him and the IPO way back and put a stop to all the lies of Busbridge.
However I was not rich and after I suffered a massive heart attack in 2002 from all the strain I decided to not spend all the time and effort in order to keep all the hassle up. So I retired and whilst I continued to fight this was mostly carried out by myself against the partiality of the IPO, who it seems thought they should after giving me registration, then go on to do absolutely everything they could to snatch it back.That makes you wonder what they were all about.


Lastly Liar Hyne states that Busbridge has built over 200 cars. A BAREFACED LIE WHICH IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT WOULD MEAN HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO BUILD OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS AT LEAST 10 CARS SINGLE HANDED ABSOLUTELY EVERY YEAR……AN IMPOSSIBILITY AND AT ODDS WITH WHAT HYNE STATES ELSEWHERE IN HIS LYING ARTICLE….THAT COBRETTI IS A ‘LOW KEY ENTERPRISE ETC’ Plus he lies again about the Viper design having come from the Sheldonhurst Cobra (I was their agent for about three months max, to the time they went out of business about Nov 1985,) Tellingly he doesn’t tell you that the Sheldonhurst was a Granada based chassis and my Viper Cobra was a Jag based Cobra replica with a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CHASSIS AND A BODY THAT HAD MANY DIFFERENCES FROM THE OLD SHELDONHURST ONE.

BUYER BEWARE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD PRACTISE AND IF YOU CONTACT ME OR READ MY OTHER BLOG ‘’ where you can get all the facts and copies of all the document involved in my 20 year fight with Busbridge and the Intellectual Property Office, I can answer any questions to the real facts you may want to know. Use the comments facility and leave an email address on either this blog or the ‘Beware’ blog.

Cobretti Engineering still lying.

I see that these days this thieving man Busbridge doesn’t seem to be very active as he doesn’t seem to be attending shows and his advertising is spasmodic. Yet in this months Kitcar, that rag operated and owned by Busbridge’s mate in crime, he is advertising.
Yet his cheek still knows no bounds as he is still lying through his back teeth by still carrying the advert that states ‘If it aint broke don’t fix it’ This implies to the unwary that Busbridge has designed such a good Cobra Replica and 20 odd years ago that is so good it doesn’t even need to be updated. When of course if you have read ALL this blog, YOU WILL KNOW THAT THE VIPER WAS DESIGNED BY ME AND MY EMPLOYEES AND THAT WAS IN 1986 LONG BEFORE BUSBRIDGE GOT INVOLVED IN KITCARS, when he became my agent.
The truth is that if he were capable of designing anything he would long ago have designed an up to date Cobra replica using more modern donor cars. Of course he is so thick he couldn’t design a rabbit box. He will tho’, try to have you believe he also designed a Cortina based Viper, but that was my design again and then a Sierra kit which he got someone else to design.