Cobretti Engineering. To Anon.

It never ceases to amaze me how many cowards there are on the net who have’nt the guts to say who they are and hide behind stupid nicknames etc. So to reply to Miss Netty Lockley aged 51, whoever you are…. your telling me to get my facts right about who told Martins wife whatever, do you think I care? It’s of no consequence to my fight with the asshole Robert B.
I suggest you tell Martin who you are instead of wasting my time. In fact now I have spoken to Martin and he says to tell you to contact him….whoever you are> Also what wife are you referring to????


Cobretti Engineering update.

Things are now moving ahead in top gear and like I said in my last post, The worlds biggest liar is in for a shock in this forthcoming hearing as I have now put in place a means of really dealing with him once and for all. Not only is he going to have to face all the acts of perjury he has committed but his criminal acts of stealing my designs and trade mark plus passing off photos of my cars as cars made by himself in his adverts and his website, are coming home to roost.
Does he know just how serious a mess he is now in? Does he realise that perjury carries a prison sentence? He ought to, as he tried to have me for perjury in order to have me put in prison so he could then be unopposed in his efforts to con Chrysler out of £500,000!!

So Mr Liar you should start preparing yourself to ‘Armageddon- and the day of reckoning’
Not to mention he is going to have to answer questions as to his criminal activities over his Mothers will. Oh, I am awaiting this day of reckoning, with glee and anticipation.

Cobretti Engineering and update.

My complaint to the CEO of the IPO a Mr Fletcher, produced the usual round of evasiveness, lack of willingness to deal with this problem head on. Typical of cringing civil servants, never willing to admit they are wrong or have been duped by a conman like Mr Whiter than white Bob. They have had to agree though to hearing all my revelations etc about all the fraud and perjury Conman Bob has thrown their way since 2003. This will be done at the hearing where I will defend my registration of my mark ‘Viper’ against the scurilous claims of you know who. Quite how this can be allowed they refuse to say, as this hearing is supposed to hear only about his claim to Invalidity of my registration and all the perjury has happened in all the previous cases heard to date. However they have said it will and it’s in writing.
Now when this hearing is heard, Mr Bob is is for a shock as I have something up my sleeve for him to contend with. Of course the evidence I will show will also include Martins affidavit which should help somewhat.
Of course as I said in my last post, I had also reported all this fraud and perjury to the police. This included the fact that Bobs lies encouraged the police and the CPS to waste in excess off £100,000 in prosecuting me for non existent forgery etc. They of course talked to the IPO and were told by the IPO that they were the best people to deal with this perjury, which they would do. So we will see, but they did say that if the IPO fail to act I should get back to them. Which I certainly would.

In the meantime Robert Busbridge continues to trade and now he is able to use the monies he stole form his Mothers estate, which he liquidised without going through probate and in which he got his Mother to cut his brother out of the will. So no doubt he will waste it on propping up his kitcar business he’s built up on the back of my product and my hard work setting it all up. What a toad of a bloke!!!

Cobretti Engineering lies. Now the revelations.

For now I can tell you the truth of matters, as none other than Martin Busbridge approached me some weeks back, wanting salvation and the chance to put the record straight, re all the lies his brother Robert Busbridge (Mr Cobretti) has been indulging in since 1989. These are:-
1/ They were my agents from 1989 to 1991.
2/ An agreement WAS entered into to be my agent, despite Bob lying that they were never agents of mine.
3/ They did indeed buy Viper kits from me during that period, as my agents for resale.
4/ That they did indeed conspire to take off me the business of manufacturing the Vipers. (that is to say they copied my Jaguar and Cortina chasssis and the Viper body)
5/That Bob behind the back of Martin approached Chrysler posing as the legitimate owner of the trade mark Viper, and was asking for a sum of £500,000 and even turned down their offer of two of their Vipers for it.
6. That Bob engineered a breakup of their partnership by telling Martins wife he was having an affair.
7/ The ensuing row resulted in Martins marriage ending, his house that he had put up as collateral for a loan to Cobretti Engineering, was lost to the bank.
8/ That Martin never was given any indemnity as claimed by Bob, to cover him for future debts.
9/ That Bob unknown to Martin applied to the Patent Office to register the trade mark Viper. and in both their names.(no doubt to show Chrysler that they did own the mark, as Chrysler knew they were a partnership)
10/ That Bob has lied to the Patent Office many times over saying he never knew where his brother was, when he knew all along where he was and even visited him on a few occassions
and even wrote to him.
11/ If all the above wasn’t enough, and these are only the main lies in this sorry case and there are hundreds more lies involved, a final despicable act has been committed by the Worlds Biggest Liar…..he has diddled his brother out of half of his Mothers will, after she died a couple of years agao in Spain. This by turning her mind against Martin when her mind was ravaged by senility. Done him out of around £250,000. On top of that, has not paid Spanish taxes on the will, nor gone through Probate here on the British half of the proceeds. Probably plus a lot more. Can you believe it??? I can …he’s capable of anything this peice of************* Not content to ruin my life for sheer greed, he has to ruin his brothers as well.

Of course now I can get him and see he gets his just deserts. I have sent in a comprehensive report to the head of the Patent Office. Plus a report to the Police re all the perjury he has committed and the proof. Let us see how he gets out of all this….Mr Smarty Pants. His cheek knows no bounds as he has even boasted on how smart he is having duped the Patent Office for so long that he now thinks he could get a job with them as he has learnt so much re Intellectual Property. Meaning he’s learnt how to cheat the system and get away with it.Or so he thinks.
Well I know he knows of this blog and has been whinging about it in a statement to the local Court, as I told you. So Mr Liar what you going to do now. If I were you I would be packing my bags and getting ready to flee the country, for your devious lying past is about to catch up with you.
I am obviously not the only one that is going for him and he will have justice coming at him from all directions.

Just this week I have received a statement he has made to the IPO over his action to try and get my registration declared invalid, on the grounds I am copying him!!!!!!etc etc. Knowing that I am calling him the liar he is, you would think he would pack it in, but not this habitual, pathological liar. He is still at it, lying away with gay abandon. Like I have said many times ……He needs certifying. But that is the way pathological liars are. They don’t even know they are doing it. they have no shame nor remorse for ther actions and what it does to others….even their flesh and blood.

Are you happy to chance doing business with a toerag like this??????

Cobretti Engineering yet more lies.

This guy is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really do think he needs to see a shrink. He is so wrapped up in his own self righteousness he simply cannot see that he is heading for the ABYSS!!! So he continues to lie and lie and lie some more.
Today I received from my local Court his defence to my summons for £5,000 for deceiving the PUBLIC with lies on his website for showing pictures of Brightwheel and Classic Replicas Vipers and saying they are Cobretti Vipers. Even a half brained fuckwit would say to himself that ‘well maybe to end this hassle I should take these offending links off my website and replace them with pictures and article THAT ACTUALLY SHOW CARS MADE FROM MY OWN COPY OF THE VIPER!!!!!’No not this totally brainwashed self righteous idiot. He just has to keep lying and denying he is committing an offence of misleading the Public. He needs the men in white coats to come and take him away!!
No he sends instead, a bunch of papers to the Court, which are supposed to be evidence of his whiter than white pathetic existence. Proving he is so hard done by me that he should be given a medal for having to put up with me pursuing him. Even complaining that I have said I will pursue him ’til I die. LET ME REPEAT MYSELF FUCKWIT…..I WILL PURSUE YOU, YOU LYING LITTLE TURD UNTIL I GET JUSTICE AND GET RID OF YOUR LYING CRIMINAL WAYS OUT OF THE KITCAR INDUSTRY.!!!!!!!
If you do not want this, the answer is easy. Stop lying and committing perjury on EVERY legal statement you have ever made, stop lying to the kitcar public and mend your ways. I even gave you the opportunity to take off the website, the lies, and you ignored my generous offer, then you whine and whinge when I take out the summons I said I would. You have made 17 years of money off my back, off my designs and my trade mark you lied to get and I haven’t tried to stop you doing that. So you have made money out of me and denied me my rewards from my own products and you have got a way with it. But now I am going to make you pay for it.
When I have finished with you, you will wish you had never crossed me in the first place. Count your lucky stars that I am not rich. If I was I would have finished you off back in 92. So your damn lucky as indeed you are that I am law abiding and we live in Britain on not some shit hole where you wouldn’t last 5 minutes.
To prove just what an idiot you are, you swamp the Judge with a wad of alleged defence evidence of which 95% is irrelevant dribble. He is going to think you need the men in white coats to come visit you and take you away… nutter. You even include a copy of the whole of my blog on you….are you completely mad, because your doing me a favour, as if he bothers to stagger through it he will see what a lying turd you are.
To compound your stupidity you even whinge that the Judge should take my blogs off the net. Are you completely mad? Apart from it is irrelevant, this is a small claims case not a case where a Judge will even get involved in such a cretinous request. HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF FREE SPEECH? It is not in his jurisdiction to even contemplate that, you utter tosser.
YOUR WHINE ABOUT WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT ON MY BLOG SHOWS THE STATE OF YOUR MIND, WHAT DO YOU THINK THE PURPOSE OF MY BLOG IS FOR???? It is to get up your nose and expose you for what you are, to the Public. The answer is simple don’t lie and cheat your way through life because now the internet is here it gives aggrieved people like me the POWER OF THE WRITTEN WORD. If you do not want to suffer the consequences of your crimes, don’t do them in the first place, because in me you have found a person who will NEVER give up until I get JUSTICE>>>>YOU LYING USELESS PEICE OF TRASH. You couldn’t design a rabbit hutch on your own…you would have to copy a six year old’s work. Call yourself an engineer, judging by the quality of your builds I would’nt get you to build me a kids cart.
HOWEVER THE BEST IS YET TO COME MY LADDO. You listen out for the knock on your door. If I have anything to do with it you will get one some time soon. Also there are other things cooking up for you, you little twerp and if they too come off, your not going to enjoy your life in the future, because your going to get justice dished out at last, one way or the other.
You try to scare me with hollow threats of legal action….BRING IT ON I SAY. You will have to spend a fortune and I will get my say in Court. However I am not worth a penny thanks to you, so you cannot get blood out of a stone, as they say. Hence why I fear no one, you or your equally obnoxious mate and close buddy…TANNER. You see, I only deal in the truth, nothing I have said about either of you is a lie, it’s all what can you get me for?????
They best is yet to come as I have said, so keep reading folks, the kettle is on and boiling away and when it is ready I will be making tea!!!

Cobretti Engineering the lies continue.9.


Heard of the saying ‘Those who lie always get found out in the end’ also ‘justice is sweet’
Well shortly I will post revelations that will blow this lying fucker out of the water once and for all. All those creeps that have stuck by him and have brown nosed him will also get their cum-uppance. Mind you these days some people have such lack of brains that if you stuck their nose in a lump of shit and said. ‘Hey boy that is shit, you know’ they would still deny it. I guess there are plenty who think their hero one and only ‘affable’ Mr Bob, is a regular nice guy. Certainly judging by what idiots one finds on the Cobra Club website, have to say about him and against me. Well they are all going to have egg on their faces pretty soon. So keep watching this space and in less than a week all will be revealed.

Cobretti Engineering the lies continue.8.

The Worlds biggest liar is at it again. He is defending my summons for using images of cars I had built and passing them off as Cobretti Vipers. What possible defence can he have?????
I have proof and it cannot be refuted.
So he will resort to his usual trick of lying through his back teeth. He had better be very careful as I will once again go for perjury. So watch this space, as soon as I get his defence I will post it so you can see the excuses and lies he will make.

Cobretti Engineering the lies continue.7.

Come 2001 I was getting thoroughly pissed off with kit car scene and wondering if I should stay in it.So in April 2002, I went off to Spain for a couple of weeks rest and contemplation, and promptly had a massive heart attack. I believe it was brought on by the strain of the one year hassle and court case and my continual battle with the IPO over liar Busbridge. it wasn’t as if the Cobra market was huge, and certainly having someone selling an exact copy of what you created and brought onto the market, building up a tremendous goodwill in the name and design, was stopping me selling all I could. For every kit he sold, was one kit less that I sold. So after the heart attack, my mind was made up for me, and I retired.
I sold my company to a bloke in Bournemouth who was already building up kits, who could have continued on with it and with fresh injection of enthusiasm it could have got a lot better.
It wasn’t to be and I can never understand why the bloke just sat on it. He sold it on the a bloke up in Nantwich he did absolutely the same and then sold it onto yet another plonker east of Manchester to die a death.
That left liar, liar, to make money out of my designs and trade mark. However I wasn’t about to let the t/m fall into his hands and I have fought to stop him all the way. It has really annoyed me how he has continued to lie through his back teeth to the public about how he came to get to make the Viper. Lying about me and what happened with Brightwheel Replicas Ltd back in 1989 and all that. He just couldn’t get on with running his ill gotten business and keep his trap shut, and everytime he’s opened his big lying mouth, he makes me more determined to stop his lies and make life as difficult as I can for him.
In 2004 for some reason best known to him only, he got Tanner to help him in his rediculous
quest to blacken my name. The fact I had retired in early 2002 seems to have escaped him, so what was the purpose of all this. Tanner started in 2004 to write articles praising Busbbridge and spinning unbelievable lies about me. Saying I had stolen money from customers at Brightwheel, I was a crook, I had deliberately run off to Switzerland to get away from BRL’s creditors (in 1989)and so on. All lies, as I had formed Classic Replicas straight after my partners closed down BRL(Sept 1989) and was supplying Busbridge as my agent, and I did not go to Switzerland until June 1991 to escape the recession and I never owed any creditors a penny. Directors of limited companies do not owe creditors, that’s why Busbridge ran TWO limited companies and that’s why Tanner has a limited company….the bloody hypocrits.

I suppose both of them (Tanner and Busbridge just get a high from slagging off anyone, and Tanner does it all the time as I show you on my blog on him) However the worst aspect of Busbridge’s continuing lying, is how he is duping the Public in his website advertising. Look on his site and all the reproductions of magazine articles he shows, which show pictures of various cars which you would assume were made by him and glowing articles about these cars, all calling them Cobretti Vipers……are in actual fact old magazine articles all dating back to 1990/1991 AND FEATURING CARS I PERSONALLY BUILT, OR CARS BUILT BY MY CUSTOMERS, OR CARS BUILT BY BUSBRIDGE FROM MY KITS FOR HIS CUSTOMERS, WHO OF COURSE ARE ALSO MINE INDIRECTLY. You just cannot get a more blatent example of outright lying and deceiving of the public than this. The fact that his copy of my car looks the same, makes no odds as that does not alter the fact that his copy need not necessarily be of the same quality and specifications as mine was. It also does not alter the fact that each of those cars was and still are Classic Replica Vipers, not Cobretti Vipers. Saying they are his, is breaking the law and is known as ‘PASSING OFF’. I have taken steps to try and get this stopped, and I will be seeing Busbridge in court soon.

So you have a person who has thrived on a diet of lies ever since 1991,starting by lying to Chrysler that he owned the trade mark Viper in order to screw much money out of them. Then has gone on to breaking the law by copying someones elses product, and has lied to the public over that. Has lied consistently in articles and adverts, has lied to all his customers over the provinence of his kit, and continues to this day to do so. Has conducted shady businesses since 1991, using many different names, has taken his customers money and not supplied what he said he would and I know of two cases of that. He has lied to the Insolvency Service over his bankruptcy, and to Companies House over his limited companies. This by never ever putting in any company returns or accounts for those two companies he traded with. Has lied over and over again to the Intellectual Property Office in his actions with them. Has committed perjury over and over again, and lied and perjured himself to the Police, to have me arrested and charged on trumped up charges. Has lied through his back teeth about me in order to blacken my name, yet has never showed any evidence to prove his allegations. (because there was none) He has lied to his local Council over the fact that he has carried on a business from his home for 17 years and kept it quiet thus, doing the local tax payers out of higher council taxes.
IS HE A FIT PERSON TO BE IN THE KIT CAR INDUSTRY??????? However one thing he is extremely good at is putting on a persona that oozes an aura of ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ This way he gets peoples sympathy and they are taken in and think he’s hard done by, by others. I am every ones friend and I would do anything to help you and so on.

Cobretti Engineering the lies continue.6.

Why were the Police fingering me and what for. Well our little lying toerag had been at it again. He said some time later that after my opposition case against Chrysler, which he by the way appeared for them as THEIR witness (their only one)that I had put into evidence an agency agreement document between us, compiled in October 1989, which he said was a forgery.
He says he went to the London Police to report that and he quoted a report number. Now isn’t it queer that when my solicitor contacted them to confirm this, they said no such number.

Anyway he goes from the early 90’s, when he says he complained, to late 1998 when he goes to the Police again. Whether he went under his own volition or whether he was pushed by Chrysler, I will never know. Chyrsler could have been involved for I had not long won that opposition, but they were going through the motions of saying they were going to appeal it. So Chrysler had a reason to want to get me put away and out of the scene. Busbridge obviously had any number of reasons, hate, didn’t want me on his back, didn’t want me in competition with him, with him selling copies of my kit. Plus the biggy, with me out of the way he could at last get Chrysler to pay him for the trade mark Viper. They wouldn’t pay two of us and actually told both of us ‘Get the other guy out of the way and we will pay you for it’ Typical Yankies.
I spent about 12 hours down the station and made a statement. To cut a long story short the CPS actually in the face of weak evidence, charged me. Later on at the subsequent trial at Dorchester, the CPS barrister let it slip that the only reason it went ahead was beause it was an interesting case and involved cars, which he was interested in. So much for justice and wasting the taxpayers money. The jury that had more sense, found me not guilty on forgery and all the other charges they cooked up were either dropped or thrown out. However it was an experience I could have done without.
Now the real interesting point was that under very intense questioning from my barrister, the liar of the World agreed that:- He had been my agent, that he had bought kits off me during 1989 to 1991 (when he copied the kit) These were things that he would deny in later hearings before the IPO as you will see on that blog. I have now accused him of perjury and shown evidence to the IPO and I will see what they do in the up and coming hearing when he will try and get my registration of my Viper Mark made invalid, on the grounds I AM PASSING OFF HIS KITS!!! This is the cheek of this man, he copies my kit and steals my mark, then accuses me of copying HIM. He is lucky he doesn’t live in Russia.
Of course the Public are oblivious to all this and this is why I am doing this blog to set the record right.

As I have said Chrysler only backed down from their time wasting tactics of saying they were going to appeal my winning over them, after 5 years of testing my mettle,so in 2001, I went to a solicitors and forced their hand….put up or get lost. They gave up and paid all my expenses, and shortly after I was able to get my registration, back dated to 1996 , when my lazy patent agent had finally got round to putting in my application.
Now again I want to show you what a devious, little lying shit, Busbridge is, for he goes around and tells any stupid kit car journo, that he spent 13 years fighting Chrysler and he won. You cannot make up blokes like him. Chrsyler was only fought by me and at great expense, I might add. (See the crap that Busbridges fellow lying twin, Tanner, has put in various Kitcar and Cobra mag issues to this effect, and see my blog on Tanner)

Of course the minute Chrysler was out of the way, I naturally thought that would be it. I had proved usage to before Busbridges application in 1992. So I was enraged when they calmly advised me that they were going to let him now go ahead. So from 1992 I have had to put up with this lying toerag lying his way through several hearings at the IPO. More on these in the next post, but as I have said the whole story of all the battles with the IPO are on my blog about them.

Cobretti Engineering the lies continue.5.

So he trades for some time under the banner of Autotrak Ltd, and he is down as director, even though he’s a bankrupt. I put a stop to that by reporting him. Then a little time later he buys yet another off shelf company, which is called Autotrak (Cobretti) Ltd. Why you ask,
could be two reasons, one he isn’t known under the name of Autotrak, so adding the Cobretti bit tells people who the company really is. This company is run by his wife and it is not until 1996 that he is free of his bankruptcy.
The interesting thing is re his bankruptcy, is that whatever contact he had with the Insolvency Service over that, he is once more successful at lying to them, as to his assets,and they are stupid enough to believe all his lies to them. For he manages to hide the fact that he has an asset in the application put in, in 1992 to register my trade mark, Viper. This, he is trying to flog to Chrysler for hundreds of thousands, and I have that in writing. That is some potential asset. Yet of course the I/S are as incompetent as ALL CIVIL SERVICE DEPARTMENTS and they let down all the creditors by not taking it over. It also seems that he kept from them the fact he had a house as well. I know they did get some money out of him over the house, but many years later.
His registration was put on hold by the IPO until my opposition to Chrysler is over, and that did not happen until 2002. Now wouldn’t you think that the IPO did that because my opposition was relying on my showing my use of the T/M going as far back to 1986. My agent told me that being successful against Chrysler would also show use before Busbridge put in his application in 1992. Yet thanks to the weird ways of the IPO would not follow that line of thinking.
So from 1992 on he trades as a bankrupt upto 1996 and then up to 2000 he uses a number of trading names:- Cobretti, Cobretti Ltd, Autotrak, Autotrak Ltd, Autotrak (Cobretti) Ltd, and so on. I suppose it would depend on who he was trying to confuse at the time. All the time relying on his ability to sweet talk people.
I was from 1993 trading my Jag based kit and my T/M through my licensing of Tony Barrass and DMS, then Classic Replicas. Then taking over C.R in end 1995 and trading on my own from then on. I advertised that my Viper was the original and not a copy, yet the Public obviously did’nt give a shit, because they kept doing business with Cobretti (or whatever the company name he was trading under at any one time) I find it strange that no one ever came to me and asked me what the hell was going on with two companies trading with the same named kit that was also identical in design. But then that is the Public for you, blind as bats most of them.