Cobretti Engineering yet more lies.

I’ve said it many times before that this Busbridge is the Worlds biggest liar who simply cannot tell the truth about anything to do with the kit car he sells and advertises. I downloaded his brochure page out of curiosity and once more the Public are once more being fed a non stop diet of lies.

Firstly he says he was involved with 16 years of ‘irritating legal issues’ with Chrysler over their using the same trademark of ‘VIPER’ What a LIE this is, as he was NEVER involved in ANY LEGAL ISSUES OR ACTIONS with them. It was I who took them through legal actions which I PAID FOR, TO STOP THEM USING MY TRADE MARK VIPER and it was I that won in 1998 and was awarded registration of the trade mark I had been using since Jan 1986. It was I that forced them to stop using the T/M Viper on their car and forced them to call it SRT10. Yet here we have Mr Liar telling you that was all down to him.
ARE YOU WILLING TO RISK DOING BUSINESS WITH SUCH A LIAR AND OF COURSE I CAN PROVE ALL THAT I SAY WITH DOCUMENTATION WHICH YOU CAN SEE ON MY BLOG ‘bewareincompetentcivilservants’. Ask him to PROVE what he says. Of course as you will know if you have read all of this blog he went on to tell hundreds more lies to con the IPO into taking away my T/M and giving it to him.
Well apart from that, it still is a 100% FACT that the car which he sells in kit form was designed by me in 1985/1986 with my company BRIGHTWHEEL LTD. (Not BRIGHTWHEEL REPLICAS) as he would have it. He will tell you more lies that it was designed by another crook wo was remarkedly similar to Busbridge. The TRUTH is that this crook was employed by me to HELP me design certain aspects of the chassis to my requirements and I and my son and foreman helped in that AND it was all done in my workshop.
He started copying my car in 1992 and by my reckoning that means he has been at it for 20 years and NOT 23 YEARS!! So more lies. Of course had I been rich he would have been sued off the Earth back in 1992. Unfortunatley I wasn’t and am not even now. Less so now after 20 years of his thieving my designs etc and taking away my profits thatI was due from my designs.
Third lie is it is descended from the Sheldonhurst Cobra. How can it be when the Sheldonhurst was a chassis designed to take Ford Granada running gear and my design was for my chassis to take Jaguar XJ6 running gear!!!!! A totally different chassis. Even the body is not the same as the Sheldonhurst and even the wide wheel arches are not the exact same shape as the Sheldonhurst, Yes they both have wide arches but does that mean they are EXACTLY the same?? No and if you take all the other Cobra replicas on the market…they all have narrower arches, but each one of them is slightly different.(if you understand my argument on that??) In fact I sold my Viper with narrower arches as well, so what about that liar Busbridge??
Of course he does not tell you that AFTER 1989 he was my agent with my new company CLASSIC REPLICAS, that is until in 1992 when he stole all my designs including my Cortina chassis designs. What a lying thief he is. Why did he do this…SIMPLY HE SAW AN OPENING TO CON CHRYSLER INOT THINKING HE OWNED THE T/M AND HE ASKED THEM TO PURCHASE IT FOR A COOL £1/2M. Of course I stopped that and he cannot get over that the THIEF !!!
Then he has the cheek to say he still makes it to the same ‘exacting original standards’ which of course he had NO HAND WHATSOEVER IN DESIGNING AND HE DID NOT EVEN KNOW ME BACK IN 1985/6 WHEN I WAS DOING ALL THE DESIGN WORK.
I would ask you to think about this; If he is such a smart arse why is he still flogging a dead horse by trying to sell you a kit that is 10 years out of date????? The Jag XJ6 as a donor car is hardly still there in huge numbers, as this Jag model is now fetching better money as a classic Jag. If he was so shit hot he would have designed a NEW kit with a more modern and more readily available donor car, like a more recent Jag model or BMW or Mercedes!!
In the meantime you should beware of even contemplating doing business with such a THIEF AND LIAR AS BUSBRIDGE. YOU CAN ALWAYS GET A RESPONSE FROM ME TO SPECIFIC QUESTIONS BY MAKING COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG OR ‘BEWAREINCOMPETENTCIVILSERVANTS’ BLOG However I will not respond to stupid comments or questions.
Of course I am fervently hoping that the economy ruins him as who can afford to build kit cars these days as they are an extreme expensive luxury. So do not waste your money lads. That’s my advice.