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At last I can reveal that I now have a Barrister opinion on the bogus so called appeal hearing that arch liar Busbridge conned the IPO into letting him have. For he had no bona-fide legal reasons to even get an appeal against the Hearing Officer, Landau & his decision-to even have an appeal. Landau said Busbridge had no right to my Trade Mark ‘Viper’. The IPo went along and that makes me wonder if Busbridge had a relative or friend working there. For Hobbs QC who officiated, held a thoroughly corrupt affair where he illegally gave Busbridge a bucket load of advice. Told him that if he followed that advice the iPO would help him out of his hole. That’s what he did and that eventuated in the IPO illegally taking my legally registered trade mark off me and giving it to this crook as out lined in the blog.

This barristers opinion and he is very experience in IP & criminal matters tells it all and can be seen in full on my other blog:- ‘I am raging mad’ and along with all the full details of the sordid history of Busbridges criminality together with the corruption of the IPO who helped him all the way.

The story is not over yet even now I am in old age but hopefully I will outlast the sickly and scrawny bastard-Busbridge and go on to get some justice.

Do have a read on the other blog which has all the full details of this 25 year fight, as it will show you what a corrupt country we do live in where our Justice system sucks up to criminals and of course Immigrants. They all get loads of legal aid while people like me on the recieving end of all of their action- get nothing, so cannot get Justice.




Cobretti ViperV8

It has been a full two years since I last posted about this liar and arch crook, Busbridge. I see on his website, which I thought I’d have another look to see if he was still up to all his lying. Well of course you can never stop a pathological liar, especially one who through his lies is able to make a living off those lies.

Looking at his brochure I can see brazen photos of the Jaguar based chassis that I designed together with my son and with the help of an engineeer I paid to help. A chassis that I over the next 6 years made improvements to as I built many full cars and could see these improvements were needed.

It can be clearly seen on his photos that it is a copy of my chassis and apart from a few minor alterations like sloping the fronts of the footwells, all the rest it entirely the same. So not only is the design copied but of course so is the trade name he applies to it. That of ‘Viper’, for this is the name I called my Cobra replica starting in January 1986, long before I even had the mistfortune to meet this crook and take him and his brother on as my London agents. And that was the start of him conniving and scheming to steal my business.As soon as he knew that Chrysler were applying to register Viper, he approached them and asked £500,000 for the trade mark name ‘Viper’saying he owned it. ( I sucessfully took on Chrysler and won registration, which then was taken off me due to Busbridges lies which the IPO believed and I not being able to fun a High Court appeal action, could do nothing.

I can see he is still trying to hide his theft which happened in 1991 when I running my business under the name of Classic Replicas after having had the previous business Brightwheel closed down due to partnership problems. He does this by trying to have you belive that he was able to start selling his copy as if by magic accompnied of course by lies. He would have you believe that his Cobra copy originates from only a company called Sheldonhurst, whose Cobra Replica was carried on by Brightwheel. Whilst it is true that Brightwheel did carry on making the Sheldonhurst Cobra (with their OK) that at the end of 1985 when Sheldonhurst shut their business down.  What he does hide is that the Sheldonhurst Cobra was only Granada based and my Jaguar based Cobra was an entirely new designed chassis which obviously due to the complete difference in the front and rear suspension between the two cars, meant that the Jaguar chassis had to be obviously a lot different.

By doing this sleight of hand he makes it appear that somehow he was legally allowed to copy the replica that Brightwheel was making and selling to Sept 1989. Completely missing out that from then to April 1991 he was carrying on acting as my London agent for my new company ‘Classic Replicas’. I then went to switzerland to make a racing Cobra for my Swiss agent and whilst my back was turned he did the dastardly act of stealing my designs, trade mark Viper and business.

Of course being the arch, pathological liar he was during the many tribunal hearings from 1992 to 2010 when he massively lied all the way and those civil service idiots believed every word of his.  He even lied that he was able to legally copy and use my trade mark because when Brightwheel closed THEY owed him money, so this was how he got that money. Now think about that, will you. He was my agent so how did I OWE HIM MONEY?? For an agent would always owe the company, money for sales they made of that companies products. For I never gave him those kits to sell, for free…he had to pay for them! Yet the IPO believed all that.

I have said in previous posts that this Jaguar XJ6 based kit is now 15 years out of date as those cars are collectors items, fetching good money and hardly a cheap donor car to now use. Because he has no ability as a designer and can only copy other people, he is unable to design a modern alternative kit using more modern donor parts. The same goes for his Sierra based kit if he is still flogging that too. For to pay and engineering company to come up with TWO new designs would cost a bomb, so he sticks to these old out of date designs when everyone else in the industry has moved on years ago.

What I am going to do is in my next post which will be soon, I will include photos of my chassis and alongside a photo of his. The photos of my chassis were all taken just after Brightwheel closed and one taken in 1991 in Germany (the year he stole the design and long after Brightwheel closed.) Also I will include a copy of the sworn statement his brother made to the 2010 tribunal hearing when he confirmed that Robert his brother copied and stole my trade mark and my designs. You can then decide who is telling the truth.

And if I am lying, why doesn’t Busbridge take me to court for this and calling him a crook and a criminal, which if he wasn’t, it would be slander etc.? Which of course he never has.

Look out for the next post and damning evidence.

I am sure that Liar Busbridge is hoping that by now I would have snuffed it. Sorry to disappoint, you Liar & Crookboy, for I am still going strong and very healthy unlike you, you sorry-looking weed of a specimen.








Cobretti Engineering Still the lies flow

Thought I’d take a longer look at his current brochure and website. God he’s still at it even after 20 odd years of constant lying. He is still claiming on this website that cars I manufactured and built and that were featured in kit car magazine articles where they were claimed to be cars manufactured and made by him. Still showing the red car with model (woman) which I MADE FOR A JAP CUSTOMER. Then the silver car that was made from my kit bought for this purpose by Busbridge.
You would think that he’d made enough copies of my car over the past 20 plus years and got write ups done on them, to be able to peddle his own copies as examples of the copy. Apparently not.Maybe no one will do write-ups for him these days????
Then I see he is quoting an address of a nice house in the countryside south of London. No doubt he’s bought this bolt hole from all the money he’s made out of copying my cars and doing his very own brother out of his inheritance by lying to their Mother and getting her to cut Martin out of her considerable will. WHAT A LOVELY MAN IS OUR ROBERT THE SHIT BUSBRIDGE!!
Hope you do better out of him than others have who have been unfortunate enough to have come across him.

Cobretti Engineering & the crook Tanner

Well I have long believed that crooks will get their comeuppance eventually. This, I now have been told, has happened to that utter bastard and twin of Busbridge… ‘Den the Menace’ Tanner.
For apparently as I am told, he was arrested some months ago for a massive case of growing weed in no less than in his factory. Exactly the kind of thing he would do, for he had absolutely no scruples. That is why he and Busbridge got on so well together. The even looked liked twins!! Ugly looking little bastards. Wouldn’t be surprised if Busbridge was in on the Tanner weed act as pursuing criminal acts is his forte. Apparently according to his brother he was into making cars ‘disappear’ for people willing to pay, so they could claim in their insurance for a ‘stolen car’ !!!!!!!!!
I was wondering why I was unable to see Kitcar for sale anywhere and for months now. He has hived off his rag of a mag to staff of his who are no better than he is, for to work for such an obvious shit as he, makes them no better. Just like that weak asshole Ian Hyne who sucked up to him knowing full well what he got up to just so he could have a job. The ragmag seems like it was losing heaps and we will not see it again I HOPE!!
Similarly with his shitheap Sumo which should too be consigned to the dustbin, for it was a dangerous heap of badly designed crap as I always said.
Now to Busbridge. I am going to celebrate all this for a few months, because now you have no outlet in any mag to be able to advertise your rip off of my Viper. Whilst you may own the T/M of that trade mark through your crooked crimes of lying to the IPO to get it, It’s worth diddly shit if you cannot sell the kit!!!!
Your name is crap to all those who have the brains to see through your crooked ways and to those who have read this blog of mine and its associated blog “” which I hope has educated the Public, who have the intelligence to see what I have been saying is all true. They only have to research their history of Cobra Replicas to see all that I have said is 100% TRUE. Not a word that you recognise, Busbridge….is it???

Cobretti Engineering and Trolls

It never ceases to amaze me that in this country so many people in the youngster section of our population are so hateful and this shows in the huge amount of cyber bullying and hateful shit they write on comments sections that can be found anywhere online. Like on blogs such as this. I have already shown how many individuals in the Cobra Club fall under this category.
I attempted some years ago to help any individual who may have bought a genuine Viper kit or car (not a Cobretti copy) mostly to be able to identify whether it was one of my Vipers, a copy by Cobretti or others or just a cobra someone said was a Viper but was not. As soon as I appeared on their forums I was subjected to a torrent of abuse in this troll like mode. When I retaliated I was kicked out of the club. So much for freedom of speech and being able to defend ones self from trolls and people so full of hate. Not one of those indulging in this hate knew me personally or about my history with the car industry or about the history of my Viper. Yet all were experts on it all.
In the past week one of their illustrious members has attempted to slag me off on this blog through the comments section, with the usual diatribe of invective lies and hate filled comments. Including ‘what have you ever done for the club’ The answer to that is of course, I wasn’t allowed to!! He slagged off the Viper as a heap of shit that was unbuildable,which in turn slags off all hundreds of happy owners of my
Vipers, who bought kits and just got on and built them with no problems at all. It also slags off all the Cobra lovers who loved the wider stance of my kit and bought the kit because of that. It also shows an ignorance of real Cobra history because the only difference in the looks of the Viper and say other replicas in the UK are the wider wheel arches and if you study the history of all the racing Cobras, they ALL HAD THE SAME WIDER WHEEL ARCHES just as the Viper had. If you have ever been involved in racing ANY standard manufactured cars you will know the first thing you have to do is widen the arches, so as to get a wider track in order to give better road holding. Look at ALL the Cobra Replicas in countries like the USA, Australia, Germany and Austria they mostly go for the same wider arches that the Viper has. So his remarks are made out of ignorance, once more. He ignores the fact that the Viper has to be the most copied Cobra Replica kit going with FOUR people copying it in the UK and copies in the USA, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If it is such a shit kit why do all these other businesses copy it??
Then he goes on to slag the kit off as unbuildable and that many are still battling to build them. Well this is just more lies as it is now 11 years since I sold the last one and surely all the kits I sold from 1985 to 2002 are fully built years ago? So I have to think that he is referring to the Viper copies made and sold by Cobretti or others!! I cannot be held responsible for for the quality of what he peddles. To build the rolling chassis is no more difficult than any other Cobra Replica sold in the UK. Fitting the body is more difficult in that it requires a bit more intelligence and mechanical/general expertise, but the resulting integrity of the finished car is so much stronger because of the extra strengthening that results in the fitment, in the way it has to be done. It also belies the fact that in 18 years of manufacturing that kit, I only ever received complaints from ONE person, namely a Cobra Club numpty who bought what was probably my last kit sold in 2001 and who I have outlined about in the below post and in others below. Plus it never ever got any bad reviews by ALL kit car magazine writers, INCLUDING LIAR HYNNE (who became a Busbridge LOVER probably on the orders of Tanner or by being bought off).
I then get a slagging for not being a successful businessman. Yet up to the point that Busbridge/Cobretti stole my designs etc and half my business turn over to boot, my business was selling more Cobras than anyone else!! He is ignorant of all the other areas of my business that was not involved in kitcars, such as the Mini Moke Replica I designed and sold overseas as a knockdown or fully built car. Or my work with a Mini Countryman replica car I manufactured and sold to Japan. Or the Mini body kits and convertible car conversions I did, very successfully. It is always the same with these Trolls. They are just ignorant oafs who have few brains, so take out their frustrations and insecurities with invective against others they hate for whatever reasons. That can be seen all the time these days and only this week we saw it against the couple who’s baby had a finger ripped off by a fox who were attacked in similar sickening ways by these sick troll people. Similarly the McCanns had to suffer from much invective from online Trolls. This Troll on this blog signed himself as ‘Eric’. Is he the same Eric who I complained about as being a self appointed ‘EXPERT’ on my business history AND the history of the Viper??
Anyhow all such oafs, fuckwits and defectives will immediately have their comments wiped off the blog, as this blog is to warn people who they may be considering buying a Viper copy off copier Busbridge and not to give a platform for sick people. Warning about the SUPREME LIAR BUSBRIDGE AND HIS LOVER IAN HYNNE IN HIS OTHER LOVERS MAGAZINE (DEN TANNER AND’KITCAR’)

Cobretti Engineering, the lies continue.

Will someone please tell me why that A***hole Tanner and his hack Hyne write so many articles about the worlds Biggest Liar…one Robert Busbridge??
Only three months after having gifted him a six page write up on a copy of my Viper, there appears yet another 6 page tribute AND a cover picture. All this for a company that in their own words sells only about 6 kits a year???? Or are they telling lies about this too.
Anyhow what you the Public get with this write-up is yet again a repeat of most of the lies that appears in their last write-up. Such as Busbridge becoming my agent in 1987 when it was 1988, that Busbridge was legally able to pinch my Viper designs BECAUSE I OWED HIM MONEY BACK IN 1989, when he and his brother cynically set out to not only pinch my designs but also my business. The fact that it is not mentioned that after 1989 when this happened I was selling the Viper in the UK under my new business Classic Replicas, and that right up to my retirement in 2002. They lie again by saying that the legal action I took against Chrysler which I won, the costs were paid by me and no lawyers were involved. It was through my legal actions that forced Chrysler (not GM as that shows how little Hyne knows about the car industry) to rename their car SRT10. Reading their lies you would think all that had been down to the liar Busbridge.
Then again Hyne would have you think that Busbridge took my design and altered it when in fact he is still using my design almost UNALTERED. This can be seen in all the pictures shown. The pic of the chassis shows it to be EXACTLY as I designed it with only a few MINOR alterations to some of the superstructure panels whcih do not ahave anything to do with the integrity of the chassis design.
These features as seen in these photos have been directly copied from my designs:- The DASH…designed by me. Also the door hinges, the dimensions of the single rollbar, the door inside panel with its elasticated map pocket, the stainless steel coverings of the footwells with stainles angle on all edges( all pure Ken Cook and stems from my boat manufacturing days in Aussie. I was the first and I think the only manufacturer of Cobra replicas who made fully built cars that used much stainless in the engine bay this will be seen in the write-up of my very first Viper in 1985) then the cylindrical stainless water header tank,the stainless side vents are exactly as I designed them. There will also be other features of his car which stem from my designs, such as inner wheel arches and the way the front and rear bumpers are attached to the chassis.
Now Ian Hyne as I have said knows full well what the real truth is about how Busbridge copied my product and he knows full well my manufacturing history as HE FIRST MET ME WAY BACK IN EARLY 1985
AND HE KNOWS THAT THE JAGUAR BASED VIPER WAS DIFFERENT FROM THE SHELDONHURST AND DESIGNED BY MYSELF. He knows my Jaguar based Viper extremely well as he has road tested at least three of them together with my Cortina based and Granada based Vipers. He always gave all of them much praise and not once had he said that they were copies of the Sheldonhurst which anyway was only in Granada base and had a chassis which was very different to all my chassis. So it appears that Hyne who now works for the other big liar, Tanner, is willing to lie wholesale on behalf of Tanner (who as owner and Editor has to carry the can) but also to cosy up to Liar Busbridge. Now why is this I ask, and you may also ask the same question.
If in actual fact Busbridge is only selling around 6 kits a year I hope that continues as potential CUSTOMERS SEE THE LIGHT AND DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH A THIEF AND A LIAR. All readers (and Busbridge)should note that my efforts to gain JUSTICE over this lying conman continue and the fact that he has been able to also con the Intellectual Property Office into giving him registration of my Trade Mark is not the end of this sordid story.

Cobretti Engineering. His passing off and the proof.

Passing off means that a trader claims that what he is selling he has created, when in actual fact he has copied it off someone else. This is what
LIARMAN/CONMAN has been doing since 1992.
I will shortly be putting onto this site proof of that in the form of copies of his claims made on his website where he claims cars he is showing you are Cobretti Vipers, when in actual fact they are either Brightwheel or Classic Replicas Vipers made by myself or made from my kits.
You will see copies of those articles and the claims therein and proof I made them.
So keep an eye open for them as they should be on the site within a week.

Cobretti Engineering the screw tightens

Today I heard of some new facts which when the time is right I WILL POST THE FACTS. They are facts that will incriminate Mr Liar
Busbridge even further than the perjury that can now be easily proven. They will show even more just what a CROOK this man is, however now is not the time to make them known as I do not want him to know exactly what it is I now know. As they say ‘there is a time and a place for everything’
A few days ago I read that Mr Liar had made some sales at the last Stafford Show. If that is true then it backs up what I said in my last post that the World is full of gullible people who apparently are still taken in by his smooth talking.
But then the report was written by none other than the 2ndbiggest liar in the World, one Mr Tanner. Doesn’t he run the Stafford Show? If he does then he would say that his old mate has sold kits at his show along with others in order to pull the wool over the publics eyes as to how good his show was. I did stafford several times and it was always a useless show for anything and I cannot see that now in a recesssion it suddenly is great.
On the 17th of Novemeber there will be a telephone conference between the IPO, my solicitor, Martin and Robert the Liar. Called a case conference to work out how three cases are going to be dealt with. So keep looking as I will report on what went on. It seems that a hearing will be held,probably in February when the Liar hopefully gets his just deserts.


Cobretti Engineering latest update.

I constantly monitor the LIARS website because as you may have realised he has been guilty of ‘passing off’ on it, ever since he put a website on the net back in 2004ish. By that I mean he has reproduced articles from Which Kit magazine about Viper Cobra Replicas which are named as Cobretti Vipers, when in actual fact they are Classic Replicas Vipers. The article which shows a red car is a car made by myself in 1990 and I was present at the actual photo shoot which I allowed to take place in Sutton en route to my delivering the car to a customer of mine in London.
Then there is an article about a silver Viper with red upholstery which was made by Busbridge using my kit and parts in 1991 and for a customer I passed onto them as I was too busy to build him the car.
Then there is an article about yet another Viper of mine which Busbridge built from a kit of mine in 1988. This car had a head on accident and the article praises the strength of the chassis……a chassis that I had designed and produced at Brightwheel Ltd in 1986!
Further more there are shown two photos of Viper 4’s both built from my kits. One by myself and one partly built by Busbrdige and finished off by me.
So what he is doing is hoodwinking the Public into believing that the cars they see on this site are cars made from kits wholly designed and made by Cobretti Engineering. Plus all the positive comments made about them should be attributable to him……HOW DISHONEST CAN YOU GET?????????????

Well I had enough of this and took out a summons to make hime pay a fine of £5,000 (the maximum I could claim in the Small Claims Court) for passing off and using images a cars that I had not given permission to be used in this way and thereby getting kudos on my back.
Anyway as the wonderful Court system we have in this country then said I had to go all the way to Croydon the have this heard, I decided not to spend a penny to do this as he should have had to defend his lying actions here in Bournemouth. IN ANY CASE NOW THINGS ARE NOW ON A HIGHER LEVEL, I WOULD BE BETTER OFF GOING AFTER HIM ON THESE POINTS, BY OTHER MEANS AS THIS WILL MEAN I CAN CLAIM MUCH MUCH MORE. First of all I want to see where all the forthcoming IPO actions take us. After all it may be a waste of time if he is being looked after by ‘HER MAJESTY’ Yet I may still be able to sue him and for much more.

Furthermore there is more evidence on his website of what a liar this man is when you look at the pictures of his ‘new Jaguar chassis’ New my backside! This is still exactly the same as the Jag chassis I designed and produced back in 1986. HE HAS DONE SOME ‘COSMETIC’ CHANGES TO THE FOOTWELLS AND THAT IS ALL. The main parts of the chassis, especially the way the front and rear suspension mount to the chassis are as I designed them along with my employees.
However you can see by the fact that here in 2009 he is still selling what is in actual fact an ‘out of date kit design’ The Ser 1.2&3 Jags are well out of date and hard to now find. They are now collectors cars. I would have designed a new chassis years ago to take other more recent Jag models or even Merc or BMW donor cars. OF COURSE MR LIAR COULD’NT DESIGN A RABBIT HUTCH LET ALONE A NEW CHASSIS HIMSELF AND I DOUBT HE COULD AFFORD TO PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR HIM.

ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE OUT THERE PREPARED TO DEAL WITH THIS MAN, I WONDER? But then this World is full of idiots, and I was one of them to have ever got myself involved with this lying little turd. However folks keep reading on, as soon this LIAR is going to get what’s owed him.

Cobretti Engineering update.

Things are now moving ahead in top gear and like I said in my last post, The worlds biggest liar is in for a shock in this forthcoming hearing as I have now put in place a means of really dealing with him once and for all. Not only is he going to have to face all the acts of perjury he has committed but his criminal acts of stealing my designs and trade mark plus passing off photos of my cars as cars made by himself in his adverts and his website, are coming home to roost.
Does he know just how serious a mess he is now in? Does he realise that perjury carries a prison sentence? He ought to, as he tried to have me for perjury in order to have me put in prison so he could then be unopposed in his efforts to con Chrysler out of £500,000!!

So Mr Liar you should start preparing yourself to ‘Armageddon- and the day of reckoning’
Not to mention he is going to have to answer questions as to his criminal activities over his Mothers will. Oh, I am awaiting this day of reckoning, with glee and anticipation.