Cobretti Engineering & more lies

Whilst searching the web to see where this blog comes, I saw that the Cobra Club are at it again with a website that features a post on the Viper history. These wankers of the Cobra Club do not like me as I have told a few of them what I think of them and their backing for Busbridge & Cobretti Engineering. They obviously have absolutely no standards as they see no wrong that he stole off me, what he sells now.
Also many (not all) of their members are no more than raving internet trolls. Many have slagged me and the Viper off when they never even bought anything off me but bought second hand part built Vipers. One individual a huge 6’+ odd slab of a Neantherdal who ordered a Viper V12 off me and was one of my last customers, was obviously lacking in mechanical skills as he found issues with most things. He obviously tried to fit the engine in with its Jag manifolds because he was too thick to realise they like many V8 & V12 engines the standard manufacturers manifolds are simply to bulky to fit into a small Cobra engine bay. He slagged me off endlessly because of this and the fact that he just would not listen to anything I said to him when he got back to me over all this. I rather quickly tired of his bombastic attitude and told him to go forth and multiply. Others picked up on his vitriol on his Cobra Club posts and all joined in to slag me off and when I retaliated I was banned. Wankers!!
Anyhow I digress, but one of those those trolls was a guy from High Wycombe who also joined in all this pathetic nonsense, by the name of Eric (can’t remember his second name but his posts are their somewhere. Now this chappy who was as old as me and was quite a physical wreck (I go back to the mid 90’s here) and is probably dead by now. He showed me that he thought he was the officially appointed historian of the Viper and of me and my business history AND an expert on the construction and technical specifications of the Vipe!! So on this looking at where this blog appears and seeing the Cobra Club right there, I went onto their site and low and behold I find a post by one ‘Rick’ ‘The Technical Director’ of the Cobra Club. Well firstly I wonder what qualifications he has to be that or is he just another self appointed nerd??
Now this post is a reproduction of an article by non other than this twerp ‘Eric’. I know it’s the same fellow because of what he says . Of course like so many other ‘experts’ on the Viper that abound in the kitcar world, he knows nowt and this article is full of shite he’s either made up or read in various liar articles on Cobretti by non other than the arch liar Hynne; ‘lover of Busbridge and Cobretti.
So here are the corrections to his lies in case you go and see this article and read it-
I had three companies Brightwheel Ltd 1985 to Jan 1987. Then Brightwheel Replicas Ltd, Jan 1987 to Sept 1989, then Classic Replicas Sept 1989 to March 2002. He states that the Viper was born out of the Sheldonhurst company. Not true as we were entirely different companies and although I was their agent for three months, when they went bankrupt I designed my own chassis and body. I did not buy their moulds and jigs.
Then he says that in 1989 that I was now manager of BRL. I was Managing Director and a share holder, but not the owner of the company as that was owned by the American investors and they had legal powers I did not have, to do what they wanted with the company.
Now to the big lie always bandied about by liar Busbridge and that was that on the Yanks closing down BRL, I disappeared in 1990 and took all the assets of BRL to Switzerland. FACT; ON BRL closing I started Classic Replicas here in the UK and SOME of the assets were sold to a Swiss company and I bought the balance, enough for me to carry on with Classic Replicas, so no need to make new jigs and moulds as he said.
There was NEVER any High Court action in the courts over copyrights either between me and Cobretti or Chrysler.
Then yet another huge lie about how Cobretti/Busbridge explained how he legally managed to get the Viper designs and trade mark. This goes by stating he was owed monies by BRL or me, and that gave him the rights to all that, but he actually stole them as BRL NEVER owed him a cent and why would it. It was a case of him paying us for kits and not the other way round….OBVIOUSLY!! This is what he has said time and again and it is a huge lie as any one with more than half a brain could easily see!!And he has never shown any legal evidence that this ever happened.
Now it is said that Busbridge had legal battles with Chrysler. As in my last post I have commented on this and NOW YOU CAN SEE THE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE OF THOSE LIES AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.Look under the ‘LINKS’ at the right hand side of this page.
Mark Phillips was yet another stealer of other peoples IP property and during BRL he bought a Granada Viper kit off us and copied it. DMS owned by yet another crook, copied the Viper4 at the same time as BRL was closed. He sold DMS to Barrass and in 1992 I helped Barrass to run his business and let him under licence, build my Viper V8 Jag kits for sale. I also let him use my company name of Classic Replicas (and this was not 1994 as stated but early 1993). In 1995 I bought him out and continued on my own. I am still friends with Barrass and he has far from ‘disappeared’ In fact I talked to him only today.
Slagging off my Sierra model is another example of Eric’s lies as he never ever saw this kit let alone built one and not all that many were sold and I never ever received any complaints about it or any other Viper model EVER!!(until Mr Neantherdal) It was almost the same chassis as the very successful Viper4 but with steel floor. So saying everything was a bad fit is just more lies by someone as you will see was another Busbridge like liar and fantasist looking for praise from others. Funnily enough I built one in a few weeks and it was my demonstrator until I sold it and it received good reviews at the time.
Now our Ken Cook/Viper/Brightwheel/Classic Replicas expert goes on to state that I retired ‘around 1989/1990 which first of all is complete news to me as it was in 2002 I retired through a heart attack brought on by all the hassle I got because of Busbridge and his actions and lies.(I bet the really loved that when he heard)
It doesn’t fit in, in anycase with what he says about my actions elsewhere in his fanciful tales. He then has me moving to Spain which never ever happened, I have only been there on holidays and not in 1990, but in 2002/3 and then in 2005.
When I sold my company to Cadini it was sold with all the jigs and TWO sets of body moulds and some existing orders, plus all details of all my past customers so they could supply ongoing parts orders. Cadini were another set of people that had no REAL business or mechanical expertise, hence why they never even got it going and off the ground, despite my offer to help them in every way. That is why it died and has remained dead as Adrian Percival was yet another dreamer who quickly sold the business to its present owner who, whilst he has built some kits and cars has not enough money or time to run a full blown Cobra manufacturing business. I remain in contact with him and would help him in any way should he want it. He lives quite near to my engineer cousin who I visit regularly because of our mutual interest in all to do with cars and their design and all to do with classic cars which I am still involved in. So I see him from time to time or email him(the current owner)
Once again I advise you to read my full blog on all the intimate details of the Viper history from day 1 AND my legal battles with the liar Busbridge on
He came to me some time in the mid 1990’s when I was helping Barras. He had bought a second hand Viper V8 and he did not like the standard to which it had been built. As he lived not far from my daughter in law in High Wycombe and I used to visit him and I gave him much technical help to rebuild it to his way and standards. I also saw him at various shows and I was friendly with him and told him quite a lot about the past history I had with the Viper and my problems with Cobretti. I thought he was a kind of friend.(shows you how you simply cannot trust anyone these days!!) I also sold him a number of parts. Then I lost track of him until some years later he comes onto the gossip columns of the Cobra Club, slagging me off and the quality of the Viper kit etc etc. WHAT A COMPLETE ASSHOLE!! He says he has experience of building a Viper kit. HE IS A LIAR JUST LIKE BUSBRIDGE. He has never built a complete Viper car, only pissed around with bits he changed on that car he bought.
All the remarks about the Viper kit being “The most controversial Cobra” and “most difficult to build” what utter crap. Why is it controversial??
Only because of the things Busbridge has done and said and the backing of that utter shithole who owns Kitcar rag. It is no more difficult to build than any other Cobra kit and I have built most of the other makes at some time or other. The rolling chassis is a doddle and it is only the fitting of the body that requires some expertise and common sense as the way I designed i, meant that it would end up being fitted in such a way that would take longer but would be actually part of the chassis being bonded to it in places, so much stronger than any other Cobra as it is bonded onto the chassis in many places. Now the fact is that I have had that kit made, NO PROBLEM, by hundreds of people from all walks of life. Not mechanics or engineer but dustmen, car mechanics, office workers and so on.Engineers have told me they thought it brilliant and had no problems whatsoever. I very rarely ever got rung by my customers for help and my build up manual was said by a kit car magazine (not Kitcar of course) to be the best going at that time (mid 90’s).
The truth is that many in the Cobra Club and so on, are as I’ve said…Wankers who have to join a club of sorts so they can gossip like washer women and get told by others how they should do things…because they have no expertise or CONFIDENCE to be able to work out anything themselves!! THEN THEY ARE ONLY TOO HAPPY TO JOIN IN WITH THE EXTREME WANKERS AND TROLLS AND INDULGING IN THE WAY TROLLS LIKE TO RUBBISH EVERYONE ETC ETC.