Cobretti Engineering & Ian Ayre (again)

In my last blog I said that the article on Cobretti by this fellow liar mate of Busbridge may have been published by Complete kitcar. I have now found it was Kitcar Magazine that has been responsible and that figures. However I am astonished that it is still going as I thought that when Tanner was slung inside, it would fold.
What a bummer to hear it is still going but reportedly with very few sales. Hope it folds as it is only a reminder of that disgusting object Tanner.
Once I get hold of a copy I will report on all the lies he comes out with in it.


Cobretti Engineering still lying.

I see that these days this thieving man Busbridge doesn’t seem to be very active as he doesn’t seem to be attending shows and his advertising is spasmodic. Yet in this months Kitcar, that rag operated and owned by Busbridge’s mate in crime, he is advertising.
Yet his cheek still knows no bounds as he is still lying through his back teeth by still carrying the advert that states ‘If it aint broke don’t fix it’ This implies to the unwary that Busbridge has designed such a good Cobra Replica and 20 odd years ago that is so good it doesn’t even need to be updated. When of course if you have read ALL this blog, YOU WILL KNOW THAT THE VIPER WAS DESIGNED BY ME AND MY EMPLOYEES AND THAT WAS IN 1986 LONG BEFORE BUSBRIDGE GOT INVOLVED IN KITCARS, when he became my agent.
The truth is that if he were capable of designing anything he would long ago have designed an up to date Cobra replica using more modern donor cars. Of course he is so thick he couldn’t design a rabbit box. He will tho’, try to have you believe he also designed a Cortina based Viper, but that was my design again and then a Sierra kit which he got someone else to design.

Cobretti Engineering. Link for you.

I forgot to tell readers that if they want to read what my solicitor actually said, I have put in a link for you to that document, on the rights side of this page and headed ‘IPO hearing document’ Makes good reading.
Also silly me, the last two posts were posted late as I forgot to change the setting ‘who may read this post’ to everyone,as I did the posts in draft form. Better late than never.
It is nice to see that over 1400 people have now read this blog which considering it deals with a highly specific subject. I only hope that most are intending Cobra Replica buyers who only want the truth about one hell of a bent purveyor of a Cobra Replica who never even designed it himself and preferred to copy someone else. Who even on his website posts pictures of Vipers I made myself and says they are Cobras he made. It never ceases to amaze me just how gullible some members of the Public are, and who have no better morals than old liar himself.

Cobretti Engineering- The Hearing.

On this last Thursday the 28th January 2010 we had the combined hearings of Martin Busbridges application to revert the now registered Trade mark ‘Viper’ which Robert Busbridge holds because of continous mastakes made by the IPO, be reverted to read that it is rergistered to both he and Robert as partners, which is what the original application was made in.
Of course as this original application was illegally made,anyway, on a number of points, when it is reverted, it has to be rescinded by the IPO as per the decision of the hearing officer Landau made in 2005. The application was made by Robert in bad faith as he knew full well I owned the mark and he never told Martin his brother and partner he was applying for the mark to be registered, and in the partnership name. This is in breach of partnership law. He has never to this day bought out his brothers share and therefore he had no right to act as he did without his brothers approval. There are many other issues relating to this application and they can be read by reading my sister blog ‘Raging mad’ to which there is a link to. On that blog you will find the argument document that my solicitor relied on at the hearing. In it is set out all the legal points to do with the whole hearing, including why Busbridges application to make my legal registration of my Trade Mark ‘Viper’, is invalid.
It also sets out where Robert Busbridge has lied time and again and how his dishonesty should be dealt with.
I have to say that Robert Busbridge presented a pathetic figure at the hearing and he did not come across as a truthful and convincing witness, which of course he isn’t. I only hope that for once the hearing officer of the IPO is an honest one unlike previous ones, who will for once deal with this liar of a man in the manner he should have been dealt with long ago. WE NOW HAVE TO WAIT WHILE THE IPO COOK UP THEIR DECISION. WILL IT BE A FUDGE LIKE ALL THE REST WERE OR WILL IT GET TO THE REAL TRUTH FOR ONCE????????????????
One thing I do know is that one Robert Busridge is going to have a hot time waiting for this decision for even if they do not deal with the perjury, I can still go to the Police and demand they charge him on my evidence that I have in abundance.

Cobretti Engineering more lies.

Those of you that get and read the rag, Kit Car magazine published by Robert Busbridges fellow arch liar one Dennis the menace Tanner, may have seen the latest article on the Cobretti copy of my car.(PAGE124 JANUARY ISSUE) As you know, he calls it the Cobretti Viper, but those of us who like to only deal in the TRUTH, know that there is no such thing as a Cobretti Viper, as it is a clone, a copy, a rip off,a pirated version, call it what you will, of my car the Classic Replicas Viper and before that the Brightwheel Viper.
THE ARTICLE IS WRITTEN BY NONE OTHER THAN YET ANOTHER LIAR AND BENDER OF THE TRUTH, ONE IAN AYRE. Isn’t it strange how many liars and cheats populate the Kit Car industry and this one is as good as you get. His article, no doubt ordered by Chief Liar Busbridge, is full of untruths or what I prefer to call barefaced lies. Of course all this lying is done, care of Dennis the Menace who is in love with fellow liar Busbridge and has always hated me after I blew his rubbish Cobra away with my Viper 4 Cortina Cobra. This article follows quickly on the heels of the two pages of adverts in the 2010 Kitcar A-Z Guide which also are full of lies.
Ayre praises the chassis strength in such a way which indirectly is praising the design qualities, thanks to the engineering skills of one Robert Busbridge. This a person who could not design a rabbit hutch. Of course the truth is that I designed this chassis along with my son and others in 1986.
The story he describes about a ‘Cobretti Viper’ demolishing a Landrover, is just more lies for that car was built from one of my kits. It is not the cloned Cobretti rip off car he says it is.
The pictures he shows of the chassis,shows a chassis almost exactly as I designed it with a few minor alterations, done in places that are of no impact on the main chassis frame as they are done on superstructures. If an amateur looked at photos of my chassis alongside those photos they would not be able to tell the difference.
Then a headline splashed across the page says dramatically:- ‘The Cobretti Viper has been built the same way since the early 1980’s, with minor updates along the way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ of course this is just more lies. First of all I did not design or even bring the Viper onto the market and this chassis, until mid 1986. BUSBRIDGE WAS NOT EVEN IN THE KITCAR BUSINESS AT THIS DATE! He did not become an agent for me until Feb 1988. All the crap about not changing it is said so as to give the design, praise, and for that I say, ‘Many thanks you punk of a liar, Ian Ayre’ It is nice to know that someone thinks my design is the bees knees, but why doesn’t he say so, and attribute it to me. Why? because he’s paid by Busbridge or Tanner to spin his lies. Is he a relative of Cambell and Blair, I wonder?
Lastly he mentions that the Cobretti moulds are being tarted up. Of course once again those moulds were ‘flopped’ (as they say in the fiberglass world), off my Viper body shape.

Why don’t you readers of this blog use the link on this site to see what I think of that arch liar and total shit, ‘Dennis the menace Tanner’ It will open your eyes to what he has got up to over his years desecrating the name of the whole of the British Kit Car industry. Blog name is ‘Kitcar magazines’

Cobretti Engineering the end is nigh.

Well I hope it is and I cannot see how this reptile of an individual can get away with it any more. A hearing will be held at a venue of the IPO on the 25th January when it will be a joint hearing of my defence against his unbeleivably outragious attempt to have my own registration of what is legally my Trade Mark, and his brothers attempt to have his registration made invalid on the grounds of fraud. This being as he registered it under both names even though he never had legal grounds to do so. Also by doing so he perjured himself many times.
The IPO have already assured me that all my disloures of his perjury over many years and over 5 hearings, will be dealt with by them at this hearing. Well of course that remains to be seen, but there will be hell to play if they do not and I will take private steps to have him arrested and dealt with by the Police, for the perjury, fraud and perverting the course of Justice.
Keep watching this space over the next few months and you will get a blow by blow account of what goes on at the hearing and what the end result will be…… prison for the BIGGEST LIAR IN THE WORLD, (as Jeremy Clarkson would say) but at least THE BIGGEST LIAR IN THE KIT CAR WORLD!!!!!!

Cobretti Engineering the screw tightens

Today I heard of some new facts which when the time is right I WILL POST THE FACTS. They are facts that will incriminate Mr Liar
Busbridge even further than the perjury that can now be easily proven. They will show even more just what a CROOK this man is, however now is not the time to make them known as I do not want him to know exactly what it is I now know. As they say ‘there is a time and a place for everything’
A few days ago I read that Mr Liar had made some sales at the last Stafford Show. If that is true then it backs up what I said in my last post that the World is full of gullible people who apparently are still taken in by his smooth talking.
But then the report was written by none other than the 2ndbiggest liar in the World, one Mr Tanner. Doesn’t he run the Stafford Show? If he does then he would say that his old mate has sold kits at his show along with others in order to pull the wool over the publics eyes as to how good his show was. I did stafford several times and it was always a useless show for anything and I cannot see that now in a recesssion it suddenly is great.
On the 17th of Novemeber there will be a telephone conference between the IPO, my solicitor, Martin and Robert the Liar. Called a case conference to work out how three cases are going to be dealt with. So keep looking as I will report on what went on. It seems that a hearing will be held,probably in February when the Liar hopefully gets his just deserts.


Cobretti Engineering latest update.

I constantly monitor the LIARS website because as you may have realised he has been guilty of ‘passing off’ on it, ever since he put a website on the net back in 2004ish. By that I mean he has reproduced articles from Which Kit magazine about Viper Cobra Replicas which are named as Cobretti Vipers, when in actual fact they are Classic Replicas Vipers. The article which shows a red car is a car made by myself in 1990 and I was present at the actual photo shoot which I allowed to take place in Sutton en route to my delivering the car to a customer of mine in London.
Then there is an article about a silver Viper with red upholstery which was made by Busbridge using my kit and parts in 1991 and for a customer I passed onto them as I was too busy to build him the car.
Then there is an article about yet another Viper of mine which Busbridge built from a kit of mine in 1988. This car had a head on accident and the article praises the strength of the chassis……a chassis that I had designed and produced at Brightwheel Ltd in 1986!
Further more there are shown two photos of Viper 4’s both built from my kits. One by myself and one partly built by Busbrdige and finished off by me.
So what he is doing is hoodwinking the Public into believing that the cars they see on this site are cars made from kits wholly designed and made by Cobretti Engineering. Plus all the positive comments made about them should be attributable to him……HOW DISHONEST CAN YOU GET?????????????

Well I had enough of this and took out a summons to make hime pay a fine of £5,000 (the maximum I could claim in the Small Claims Court) for passing off and using images a cars that I had not given permission to be used in this way and thereby getting kudos on my back.
Anyway as the wonderful Court system we have in this country then said I had to go all the way to Croydon the have this heard, I decided not to spend a penny to do this as he should have had to defend his lying actions here in Bournemouth. IN ANY CASE NOW THINGS ARE NOW ON A HIGHER LEVEL, I WOULD BE BETTER OFF GOING AFTER HIM ON THESE POINTS, BY OTHER MEANS AS THIS WILL MEAN I CAN CLAIM MUCH MUCH MORE. First of all I want to see where all the forthcoming IPO actions take us. After all it may be a waste of time if he is being looked after by ‘HER MAJESTY’ Yet I may still be able to sue him and for much more.

Furthermore there is more evidence on his website of what a liar this man is when you look at the pictures of his ‘new Jaguar chassis’ New my backside! This is still exactly the same as the Jag chassis I designed and produced back in 1986. HE HAS DONE SOME ‘COSMETIC’ CHANGES TO THE FOOTWELLS AND THAT IS ALL. The main parts of the chassis, especially the way the front and rear suspension mount to the chassis are as I designed them along with my employees.
However you can see by the fact that here in 2009 he is still selling what is in actual fact an ‘out of date kit design’ The Ser 1.2&3 Jags are well out of date and hard to now find. They are now collectors cars. I would have designed a new chassis years ago to take other more recent Jag models or even Merc or BMW donor cars. OF COURSE MR LIAR COULD’NT DESIGN A RABBIT HUTCH LET ALONE A NEW CHASSIS HIMSELF AND I DOUBT HE COULD AFFORD TO PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR HIM.

ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE OUT THERE PREPARED TO DEAL WITH THIS MAN, I WONDER? But then this World is full of idiots, and I was one of them to have ever got myself involved with this lying little turd. However folks keep reading on, as soon this LIAR is going to get what’s owed him.

Cobretti Engineering. To Anon.

It never ceases to amaze me how many cowards there are on the net who have’nt the guts to say who they are and hide behind stupid nicknames etc. So to reply to Miss Netty Lockley aged 51, whoever you are…. your telling me to get my facts right about who told Martins wife whatever, do you think I care? It’s of no consequence to my fight with the asshole Robert B.
I suggest you tell Martin who you are instead of wasting my time. In fact now I have spoken to Martin and he says to tell you to contact him….whoever you are> Also what wife are you referring to????

Cobretti Engineering update.

Things are now moving ahead in top gear and like I said in my last post, The worlds biggest liar is in for a shock in this forthcoming hearing as I have now put in place a means of really dealing with him once and for all. Not only is he going to have to face all the acts of perjury he has committed but his criminal acts of stealing my designs and trade mark plus passing off photos of my cars as cars made by himself in his adverts and his website, are coming home to roost.
Does he know just how serious a mess he is now in? Does he realise that perjury carries a prison sentence? He ought to, as he tried to have me for perjury in order to have me put in prison so he could then be unopposed in his efforts to con Chrysler out of £500,000!!

So Mr Liar you should start preparing yourself to ‘Armageddon- and the day of reckoning’
Not to mention he is going to have to answer questions as to his criminal activities over his Mothers will. Oh, I am awaiting this day of reckoning, with glee and anticipation.